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Contemporary Indian Dance  | Photograph by Jeff Kubina

Contemporary Indian Dance | Photograph by Jeff Kubina

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With our fast-paced lives and hectic schedules, it’s often difficult to set aside time for what our bodies really need. Exercise, meditation, and getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night can easily fall by the wayside as we try to keep up with work, family responsibilities, and community activities.

Dancing is an easy and fun activity that we can do to revive our bodies and minds.

It is enlivening, and it gives us the freedom to loosen up and release emotions, physical tension, and stress. You can dance for a little as two minutes, to shake off stress and have a quick check-in with yourself; or you can devote hours to it each day, if you want.

The benefits of dance are not just personal. Dance is an ancient and beautiful form of human expression.

When we dance, we impact others around us. When our children and grandchildren, or other family members, see us dancing, they will get excited and want to join in, and it will benefit them too.

When we dance upon the Earth, we raise the positive vibration and energies of the planet, promoting the health of the world and all beings living upon it.

Photograph at top by Mike Baird.

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