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Dear Visionary Sister,

Im so excited that you have made this powerful commitment to scaling & expanding your business, in a feminine way that is aligned with your values and purpose!

I can’t wait to get to know you more over the course of the program.

Here’s what to expect next:

Within a few days after you register, you’ll receive a Client Agreement, in a separate email from DocuSign. This is our standard agreement for group programs. Please be sure to sign it as soon as possible.

Once you sign the Client Agreement, you will receive access to our private (non-Facebook) online course gathering space. Look out for an email from Sacred Planet Academy, which will give you instructions to sign in and create your password to access the program.

Once you sign in to Sacred Planet Academy, you’ll be invited to post an introduction and start getting to know the other students who you’ll be journeying with over the next 120 days.

You’ll receive a separate email regarding the bonuses that you qualify for, if applicable.

Our starting date is Tuesday, March 26th. We’ll send out more detailed information about class sessions and exact Q&A dates as we get closer to the program start date.

Once again, WELCOME! I’m so excited to see what you’ll create during The Magical Way, and I cannot wait to guide & support you.

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how The Program works:

Starting on March 26, a new pre-recorded lesson will be released every other Tuesday.

You’ll have a solid two weeks to complete the action items from each lesson.

Every other week following the release of a new lesson, we’ll hold a live Q&A where you can attend and get your questions answered. During the Q&A calls, you can receive coaching from me in the group setting, troubleshoot any issues that come up, and we’ll brainstorm together for the optimal solutions for your specific scenario.

To make the Q&A sessions easily available to everyone, they will be scheduled for Monday evenings (8:30 pm EST) and Saturday afternoons (1 pm EST), in the New York time zone. We’ll alternate between Mondays and Saturdays, so everyone can have a chance to attend live and get coaching during the Q&A calls.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

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Lesson One: March 26

Choose Your Perfect Course Topic

Enjoy a fulfilling & inspiring process that will lead you to choose the perfect course for you, that will grow your business, AND best serve your ideal clients.

We’ll make sure your topic is in alignment with your core values & soul’s mission (a key part of the recipe for success!)

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Lesson Two: April 9

Create Your Free Gift & Build Your List

You’ll create the optimal free gift that will magnetize your ideal clients.

Learn the best practices & insider tips on how to share it so that you’ll 2x, 3x, or even 10x your list throughout the course of this program.

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Lesson Three: April 23

Test, Outline, & Price Your Course

Learn key strategies for how to test your course topic with your audience.

Use their insights & feedback to make it better than you could ever have made it on your own!

A critical decision: How to price your course for maximum impact AND income.

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Lesson Four: May 7

Create Your High-Converting Sales Page

Learn the key tips to creating killer sales pages, so your potential students will be lining up to invest in your course.

Once you’ve created the perfect sales page design for your unique business, you can use it as a template over & over for future launches!

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Lesson Five: May 21

Create Your Powerful Email Launch Sequence

The email sequence is the driving force behind your profitable launch.

How many emails to send? Over what timeframe? What to say in each email? How to create the perfect conditions for maximum sales? How to overcome objections without getting on the phone? We’ll address all of this, and so much more.

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Lesson Six: June 4

Bring it All Together to Design the Perfect Launch for YOUR Audience

You’ll learn how to take ALL of the pieces you’ve created in lessons 1 - 5, and put them together to craft a unique, heartfelt, powerful, generous launch that will speak to the heart & soul of YOUR ideal client.

And you’ll do all of this in a feminine, creative way that feels good and is based on your intuitive knowing.

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Lesson Seven: June 18

Complete Your Course Design Details

You’ll learn the technology and design details that will make your course stand out and be fun & exciting for students to participate in!

This module will also give you support, recommendations, and guidance on completing all of your remaining course details prior to your launch.

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Lesson Eight: July 2

Carry Out Your Powerful & PROFITABLE Launch

It’s go time!!!

I’ll walk you step by step through the stages of your launch, and you will carry it out in real time.

By the end of these 2 weeks, your launch will be completed, and you will have a big new influx of paying students!

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Lesson Nine: July 16

How to Maximize the Delivery & Impact of Your Course

In this final lesson, we’ll celebrate the launches of everyone in the program. What an amazing accomplishment!

Then, we’ll cover course delivery & engagement: How to maximize your students’ experience in your brand new course, and make sure you have fun delivering it.

We’ll also look at the best ways to collect testimonials after your course is complete, so you can add them to your sales page for the next launch!


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I can’t wait to see you in The Magical Way!

All my best,

Jocelyn Mercado

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