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I’m Jocelyn Mercado, the founder of Sacred Planet, and creator & host of the recent Fearless Female Entrepreneurs online speaker series. I’ve been creating & launching highly-successful online courses to my audience of visionary entrepreneurs for over 4 exciting years.

And now, I’m thrilled to bring you this 4-part video training series, in which I’ll share my top secrets & strategies to success in creating & launching the most incredible online courses!

Video #1

How to Scale Your Business & Increase Your Income Quickly with Online Courses (Even if You Have a Small or Unresponsive List)

In Video #1, you will learn:

  • How online courses can increase your income, give you back precious time and freedom, AND grow your audience

  • How to build the perfect course that you can be certain is EXACTLY what your audience wants & needs

  • Why your email list is the most important asset in your business

  • How to structure a course launch that will 3x, 4x, or even 10x your existing list size!

  • How to set yourself up for continued & compounded success during future course launches

Watch it here:


Listen to the audio version here:

Video #2

How to Find Your Perfect Online Course Topic that will Magnetize Your Ideal Clients ~ AND That You Can’t Wait to Teach!

In Video #2, you will:

  • Experience a powerful process for creating the perfect online course that you will be so excited to teach

  • Learn how to take that course idea and test it in your market … And get feedback so you can refine, tweak, or even change that course topic to be exactly what will best serve your ideal clients and make you happy to offer and bring you the most income

  • What to do if you have fears around getting visible with your true soul’s-mission message

Watch it here:


Listen to the audio version here:

Video #3

How to Exit the Dollars-for-Hours Hamster Wheel Once and For All (i.e., How to raise your prices and stay in your zone of genius!) 

In Video #3, you will learn:

  • Why creating successful online courses will help you to raise your prices across the board and really claim what your work is worth!

  • How to move away from trading dollars for hours and INSTEAD earn money even when you are sleeping ~ traveling ~ playing ~ relaxing.

  • Why charging higher prices actually makes it easier for your clients to get the outcome they most deeply need (Hint: it’s about commitment)

  • How to step into the future version of yourself who is already generating higher levels of income

Watch it here:


Listen to the audio version here:

Video #4

An Ease-ful Approach to the Technical & Marketing Aspects of Creating & Launching Your Amazing Course

In Video #4, you will learn:

  • The top #1 technology options for creating, launching, and running your online course

  • How to know when to outsource vs. when to do it yourself

  • Key strategies for creating a successful marketing campaign

  • What MUST go on your sales page to ensure it motivates your potential students to buy

  • A way to go deeper into ALL of this and ease-fully create & launch your profitable course in the next 120 days!

Watch it here:


Listen to the audio version here:

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To your visionary future,

Jocelyn Mercado

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