Congratulations & Welcome to the

Sacred Feminine Business Mastermind

9-Month Immersion Starting September 2019


Here’s what to expect next:


1. Look out for your Client Agreement to arrive in a separate email via DocuSign. Please be sure to electronically sign this document as soon as you receive it, or contact me if you have any questions at all.

2. Mark your dates for our Catalyze Your Soul’s Purpose Retreat. It will be held near Asheville, NC from November 1-5, 2019 and will include sound healing, breath work, and other somatic therapies with an amazing & experienced holistic practitioner to open up your deep inner knowing. Then we'll take those insights and use them to design your highest-level program offerings & chart your course for the upcoming year for maximum business success. I recommend for everyone in the Mastermind to attend this retreat if you possibly can.


3. If you registered by August 30th, you’ll receive 3 BONUS 1:1 Deep Dive Coaching Sessions which you can use anytime between now and June 30, 2020. If you’d like to schedule one right away, please email me at so we can put your first BONUS session on the calendar. If you’d like to save your bonus sessions for later, that’s fine too!


4. Look out for a separate email from Sacred Planet Academy. This email will contain the instructions for how to access our magical online Mastermind space. When you receive this, please sign in and post your introduction to the group.


I'm looking forward to guiding you along your sacred path of expanding into your highest level contribution to our world, opening to receive beyond-abundant financial resources, and deepening into your spiritual evolution.

To your visionary future,

Jocelyn Mercado