Have you dreamed of creating your own online summit or conference?

You could bring together speakers & experts who you’ve always admired & get to ask them any questions you want …

You could create your tribe, a global community of 2,000 or more of your ideal clients …

And create significant income both immediately PLUS on an ongoing basis over the next 2, 5, or even 10 years!

I launched my business, Sacred Planet, back in 2015 by creating an online event.

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This is the exact same way that I continue generating exponential growth and revenue year after year … Without ever having to turn to Facebook ads or funnels!

You can expect to bring in 2,000 to 5,000 new ideal client subscribers each time you hold a summit.

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The Soulful Summit Starter Guide includes a powerful video which explains:

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  1. The magic of how online summits work and why they are such a potent way to create exponential business growth

  2. Why I consider online summits to be the perfect Sacred Feminine Marketing Strategy (hint #1: They are inherently generous, community-building, globally-oriented, and visionary!)

  3. A powerful exercise in which you’ll choose your summit topic ~ The perfect core focus to magnetize your ideal clients & bring them into your world

  4. How to choose your first 10 speakers (hint #2: They don’t have to be people you already know! You’d be surprised how many big name, world-renowned speakers want to be a part of online summits ~ Because they know the audience growth they’ll receive is off the charts)

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