Long ago, it was very rare that a person would be called to be a shaman.

Only one member of each community would have intense healing powers, or would have the ability to travel to the other side of the veil and bring back information from the unseen realms.

Only one or two members of each community had survived the initiatory or death-defying experiences that it takes to create a true shaman.

But today, we are living in unprecedented times.

Many of us are called to a shamanic path.

Many of us have survived impossibly traumatic situations as children … Have healed from near-death experiences … Or have been through other forms of extreme initiations in our lives.

Many of us have memories of past lives or ancestral experiences in which we carried the medicine & walked between the worlds for our community.

Many of us in past lives / past generations were killed, burned at the stake, outcast, or tortured for having these gifts.

These initiatory experiences have forged our character, and strengthened our resolve.

They have wiped away any fear around confronting death or the shadow side of our world.

Today we have returned to the magical, physical, earthly plane, and we know it is no mistake we have incarnated during these catalyzing times.

We are ready to serve as the shamans, witches, wizards, alchemists, healers, and priestesses of this post-modern age.

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Huge numbers of us are being called forth at this time to serve in shamanic roles, because our entire world is facing a massive initiation.

We are needed to midwife the birth of a revolutionary new world.

We are needed to catalyze the breaking down of all systems, structures, governments, and belief systems that no longer serve life and the continuation of species.

We who have profound shamanic abilities are alive right now because the Earth and Cosmos need us to play a critical role in shifting the trajectory of humankind.

“The entire future of the world hangs on a very thin thread. This thread is the consciousness of mankind.” ~ Jung (NEED EXACT QUOTE)

YOU as a shaman, witch, wizard, alchemist, healer, or priestess know exactly how to shift reality … To bend time … To heal others on a huge, collective scale … To shapeshift and guide others to do the same … To change the future of consciousness.

And all of these abilities are desperately needed, right now.

This is not about highlighting our gifts in an ego-centered, individualistic way.

This is about standing up with courage and fierceness, and offering your gifts to the world at a level you have never dared to do before.

This is about survival.

This is about coming together in community and collectively merging our healing & transformative abilities, in order to create a startling & vibrant new reality for all humankind; indeed for all life as we know it on our sacred planet.

You may have been told all your life that you have potent healing abilities …

You may find it easy to leave physical reality behind, enter a trance state, and journey to parallel realities that are (actually) much more real than our normal waking reality.

Or perhaps you are surrounded by devoted power animals and ancestors that guide and protect you at all times.

Maybe you have experienced anxiety, or depression, or other mental “illnesses” … Yet you always felt that there was a deeper reason your mind operates differently than everyone else’s.

Many of us are having extremely vivid dreams, meditations, or shamanic journeys.

We sense that the cosmic information and the energetic upgrades are coming through more & more rapidly, in the last couple of years ~ And especially in the last few months.

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If you identify with any or all of these aspects of the shamanic way of BEing in the world …

Then you may be feeling a need for support …

For a truly like-minded community …

For elders, wisdomkeepers, shamans, priestesses, and other experts in the indigenous ways & ancient rites, who can guide you with compassion and love …

So that you can walk in two worlds at once …

Dive into the Imaginal and unseen realms without hesitation …

And perform the most important act of any shaman or shamanic practitioner:

Traveling to other realms and bringing back the vital information that our community ~ All our relations, including humans and all other living beings on the planet ~ Need to know right now.

So that we can create healing at a higher & deeper level than has ever been known before.

So that we can contribute to the collective healing that our Mother Earth is crying out for at this time …

So that you can deepen into your own spiritual and manifesting abilities, and create the life full of magic & mystery that you’ve always dreamed of …

To protect our precious planet Earth and turn the tides of history, and create a bright & vibrant future for the next 7 generations.

Walking Between Two Worlds: A Shamanic Immersion Experience has been created to support you.

This is a full-on shamanic experience that will guide you in strengthening your practices and expanding your transformation throughout the wheel of the year.

You can participate for as many months as you like.

Many people choose to continue their membership year after year, because of the powerful evolution that occurs in their lives (and in external reality around them) as they continually deepen into the material.

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Here’s what’s included each month:

  • Collective / global ritual 2x per month, a few days before each New Moon and each Full Moon ~ Includes an immersive experiential guided shamanic journey each time.

  • Monthly 60 to 90-minute deep dive teaching segment, with a different shamanic teacher each month, followed by live Q&A.

  • Monthly topics include:

    • Shamanic practices to strengthen your healing & intuitive abilities

    • How to go deeper into the Imaginal realms

    • Working with Power Animals & shapeshifting

    • Connecting with Ancestors for guidance & healing

    • Past life regression

    • Upgrading your DNA for heightened personal & collective evolution

    • Dismemberment journeys so you can remember who you really are

    • And so much more …

  • Gather with your tribe in the Facebook Group, where lots of support is provided from Jocelyn, the current month’s expert, elder, or wisdomkeeper, and the Sacred Planet team