Have you ever wondered how you can run an abundantly thriving, successful, profitable business AND be completely tuned into your shaman / goddess / healing abilities?

In the new world of Sacred Feminine business, it’s absolutely essential that practicality be interwoven with spirituality, magic, and the imaginal realms ~ on all levels ~ within YOU and within your business.

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In order for your business to make it in the online space today, you need to learn the specific tools & mindset to blend your shaman AND your business – how to do them both together.

When you access the higher intelligence of the universe, source, and the divine feminine within you, and use that intelligence to guide you in your business activities, you will:

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Operate consistently from a place of the highest energetic frequency

Feel energized and abundant, and love the work you are doing, each day

Receive abundant income (Consistent 6 figures +++)

Have a loving, joyful relationship with money

Create a business that is aligned with your highest mission & purpose

See immovable obstacles moved out of your way

Watch as stunning & unexpected new opportunities flow in

So many online entrepreneurs are focusing mainly on strategy & sales in our business because we think we have to do business in a highly-logical way.

And strategy, sales, and planning are super important!

But ALSO, you need your connection with Source / Creator / LIFE Herself to be woven in to EVERY strategic plan, into EVERY sales call.

The Sacred Feminine Mastermind will guide you to embrace & make all your life & business choices from this profound place of connection, so that you’ll:

Be earning 6-figures or multi-6-figures per year by Summer Solstice 2020, & you’ll experience consistent revenue growth each year thereafter.

Create your signature talk, and cultivate your unique & polarizing core message. This will allow you to become a globally-recognized thought leader, and get invited to podcasts and interviews with leading experts.

Successfully implement the principles of Sacred Feminine Marketing so you can create a true, lasting connection with your ideal clients & help them invest in their future by saying YES to working with you.

Expand your business in a way that supports & honors your life force energy (i.e, you’ll have plenty of time & space for self-care and your spiritual practices).

Sell out your programs while feeling fully aligned with your mission, highest values, and purpose.

Create a legacy of your work that will change the world today and create positive ripples into the next 7+ generations.

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Important note to those who have recently completed an online summit:

First of all, congratulations! Now that you’ve successfully created & launched your amazing event, you’re probably wondering how to most impactfully leverage your highly-engaged new audience in order to achieve revenue growth to 6-figures & beyond. You might also be wondering which business model is perfect for you & how to design program offerings that will work for you on all levels …

The Sacred Feminine Mastermind is where you will find the answers to all of these questions and more. PLUS you’ll have the space to build, experiment, and test certain strategies, with my full support & ongoing coaching.

You’ll discover new entrepreneurial perspectives & program structures that will ensure revenue growth to 6-figures or multi-6-figures by Summer Solstice 2020, followed by consistent revenue growth each year thereafter.

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In order to create a highest-level energetic frequency in your life & business, there are 7 key principles to live by. These are the Universal Feminine Business Principles.

During the upcoming year, you will learn how to implement each of these principles in your life & business, with precision and integrity:

Principle 1. Only participate in activities that protect, honor, and vitalize your life force energy.

Principle 2. Creator/Source lives within you, and within all life forms. There are vital ways to open up to this Creator/Source energy and allow it to flow through you & inform all that you create.

Principle 3. You get to choose who you are becoming; you have the innate power to consciously guide your own evolution.

Principle 4. You have gifts & talents that the world deeply needs & that no one else can provide in the exact same way. When you create from a place of curiosity & openness to allowing these unique gifts & talents to be created through you & emerge into the world, financial abundance will naturally flow toward you.

Principle 5. In order to actually receive this financial abundance that is flowing toward you, you need to take decisive action and create channels or gateways for the money to flow in. These channels are your programs & offerings.

Principle 6. The energy of Money is feminine and highly creative. She has been co-opted by modern / patriarchal society in many cases in our world today, but in her essence, Money is innately good, light-filled, and generous. She wants to work with us to create a brighter future for our world.

Principle 7. The universe wants us to have abundant resources of all types, including financial, so that we can fulfill our highest purpose while at the same time nurturing our vital life force.

There are also 4 secret / hidden principles which I will disclose later once people are enrolled in the program:

Principle 8. All times are happening at the same time, so we can pull the future into the now and create rapid change, when we choose to.

Principle 9. Change happens instantaneously within us and on the spiritual / unseen planes. This change then takes more time to manifest in our daily 3D reality. We can ALWAYS trust that when we have made the inner shift, the outer shift which manifests in the physical world IS ON ITS WAY. As we work with this more & more, the changes (both inner & outer) will occur more & more rapidly.

Principle 10. If things in your business are not going the way you hoped / expected, and you have been following all of the above principles: Don’t take that as a sign that you should shut down or stop what you’re doing; instead, be in inquiry and get very curious, and open up to the greater possibilities that want to unfold. When this happens, it means there is a big breakthrough about to happen. Stay with it. Ask Creator / Source to reveal to you the greater message of these events, and take decisive action based on the answer you receive.

Principle 11. The Earth is going through a shamanic initiation, and you are too. When you find yourself faced with darkness, depths of emotion, failures, overwhelm, or structures in your life breaking down, do not despair. Instead, know you are accelerating in your evolution, and when you do, old comfort zones and habits MUST fall away. Embrace the unknown, and open up to the new levels of consciousness & manifestation that want to come through. “If you thought you would survive, then it wouldn’t be an initiation.” ~ Sandra Ingerman

When you implement all 7 of these principles, and use them to guide your decision and actions in your life & business, you will:

  • Operate consistently from a place of the highest energetic frequency

  • Feel energized and abundant, and love the work you are doing, each day

  • Receive abundant income (Consistent 6 figures +++)

  • Have a loving, joyful relationship with money

  • Create a business that is aligned with your highest mission & purpose


Here is what you’ll experience in Sacred Feminine Business Mastermind:

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Sacred Feminine Business Mastermind is not your typical training program.

This is an immersive, experiential, expansive space in which you will receive dedicated support & coaching, teachings, strategies, and the latest business insights with a deep foundation in the 7 Universal Feminine Business Principles.

There is no set curriculum that you have to follow.

Instead, each week, you will be immersed in teachings designed to raise your energetic frequency, establish a strong ritual & sacred/spiritual foundation for your life & business, and support you in building & expanding your business to 6-figures & beyond, in alignment with the 7 principles.

This format will allow you to create, make decisions, and take action very efficiently and creatively, in the way that comes naturally to you.

Alongside the teachings, you’ll receive the expert coaching you need to carry out each step in your unique process, work through any challenges / fears / resistance, hone & refine your approach, and upgrade your impact & income exponentially … All without working “too hard” or succumbing to “pushy / power-over” sales & marketing techniques.

There are 8 core topics & concepts that we’ll cover:


Amplify Your Ability to Receive Abundance & Earn 6-Figures +++


Ritual & Shamanic Practices to Guide Your Business Decisions & Future Planning




Sacred Feminine Marketing ~ How to Give Generously so You Can Receive Abundantly


Uplevel Your Energetic Frequency ~ Put Your Highest Self in the Driver’s Seat




Tap Into Your Intuition & Ancestral / DNA Wisdom to Support Your Business & Uncover Your Soul Purpose


Be Polarizing & Establish Your Global Thought Leadership

How to communicate your core soul-purpose message to the world in a way that will galvanize & catalyze your tribe, your ideal clients, into action. This will simultaneously propel you onto the global stage as a thought leader.

I will show you the most powerful ways to get your polarizing message out there in ways that are fun & exciting, primarily utilizing: (a) YouTube; (b) Online summits / interviews / podcasts; and (c) Through writing / art / movement / other creative modes of expression.

Develop Your Business Model & Core Programs

Expand your thriving, profitable business to 6-figures or multi-6-figures, while deeply honoring your spiritual path & core values, and in full alignment with your highest mission & purpose.

Mastery of Sacred Feminine Models for Sales & Enrollment

Create a sales & marketing strategy that feels good to you on all levels AND will generate significant revenue & business growth year-over-year.

When you see each potential client as an emanation of Source / Creator, you will know that abundance flows through all of us endlessly, and you can come into sales conversations from a space of being unattached to the outcome. This frees up your energy, allowing you to be in divine flow & more of your potential clients will say YES.

In the sales role, you are helping your clients to see vast new possibilities & a vision of their highest self that was not previously available to them. Whether they say yes or not, you will feel good about the process and you’ll know you have made a powerful difference in their life.

… And that’s not all!

We’re also bringing in 6 specially-chosen business experts throughout your Mastermind experience, so you can get a deeper dive & fresh new perspectives on specific topics including:

  • Effortless sales strategies

  • Managing your finances & holding onto your profit (based on the Profit First method)

  • How to find the best team members so you can grow without doing all the work yourself (Critically important, especially as you get to 6-figures and beyond)

  • Using astrology & human design to optimally leverage both your strengths and your areas of opportunity.

  • And much more!

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Spaces in the Sacred Feminine Business Mastermind are offered by application only.

Click here to submit your application:


We are being upgraded & recalibrated.

Our abilities to access our intuition, divine guidance, and to heal others are accelerating exponentially.

These upgrades can be applied not only to personal healing, but also to our businesses … Because YOUR sacred business is the channel through which YOU get to change the world using your unique, magical, unprecedented abilities, gifts, and talents that you were given in this lifetime.

YOU can create a revolution.

YOU can change the course of human events.

YOU can guide others to do their deep healing work.

YOU can leave a legacy of health, healing, joy, wholeness, and peace.

TOGETHER, we have the power to create an unbelievably bright & vibrant future for our world.

Are you ready to step up into the highest version of yourself & your sacred mission?


Only by choosing to live in a completely different way, can we create a completely new reality.

Only by becoming the future, can we change our present experience.

Your business is your sacred channel for creating massive change to support a vibrant future for all of LIFE and for our world.

Are you ready to be fully supported in carrying out your sacred mission?

This is your space to build your legacy & generate the impact & income that will allow you to fulfill your true purpose & destiny.

Submit your application today.



To your visionary business,

Jocelyn Mercado

Founder of Sacred Planet

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