Have you ever wondered how you can run an abundantly thriving, successful, profitable business AND be completely tuned into your shaman / goddess / healing abilities?

In the new world of Sacred Feminine business, it’s absolutely essential that practicality be interwoven with spirituality, magic, and the imaginal realms ~ on all levels ~ within YOU and within your business.

In order for your business to make it in the online space today, you need to learn the specific tools & mindset to blend your shaman AND your business – how to do them both together.

When you access the higher intelligence of the universe, source, and the divine feminine within you, and use that intelligence to guide you in your business activities …

It supercharges your results while also making everything flow more easily.

You find it effortless to carry the energy of abundance and joy into all of your activities & radiate them out to your clients & collaborators.

Immovable obstacles get moved out of your way.

Stunning & unexpected new opportunities flow in.

So many of us are focusing on strategy & sales in our business because we think we have to do business in a highly-logical way.

And strategy, sales, and planning are super important! This Mastermind includes all of those, in alignment with the Sacred Feminine Principles.

But ALSO, you need your connection with Source / Creator / LIFE Herself to be woven in to EVERY strategic plan, into EVERY sales call. Once you have mastered this, you can:

Successfully implement the principles of Sacred Feminine Marketing & sell out your programs as a spiritual, purpose-driven entrepreneur.

Create a legacy of your work that will change the world today and create positive ripples into the next 7+ generations.

Earn 6-figures or multi-6-figures by 2020 and experience consistent revenue growth each year thereafter.

The Sacred Feminine Business Mastermind is perfect for anyone who has recently created a summit! If you’re wondering how you will optimally build your relationship with your highly-engaged new audience, ensure consistent revenue growth to 6-figures & beyond, and create a business model that works for you on all levels …

This Mastermind is where you will find the answers to all of these questions and more, PLUS here you’ll have the space to build, experiment, and test certain strategies, with my full support & ongoing coaching, and discover new entrepreneurial perspectives so that your business will perform ideally for you.

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We are being upgraded & recalibrated.

Our abilities to access our intuition, divine guidance, and to heal others are accelerating exponentially.

These upgrades can be applied not only to personal healing, but also to our businesses … Because YOUR sacred business is the channel through which YOU get to change the world using your unique, magical, unprecedented abilities, gifts, and talents that you were given in this lifetime.

YOU can create a revolution

YOU can change the course of human events

YOU can guide others to do their deep healing work

YOU can leave a legacy of health, healing, joy, wholeness, and peace

TOGETHER, we have the power to do all of this.

Are you ready to step up into the highest version of yourself & your sacred mission?

[Something here about the value of being part of a Mastermind community]

Are you ready to …

[Invitation to create unprecedented change in your life & business]


Here is what you’ll experience in the Sacred Feminine Business Mastermind:

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The Sacred Feminine Business Mastermind will provide a space in which you will receive teachings, strategies, and the latest business insights on the following key areas.

Alongside the teachings, you’ll receive the coaching you need to carry out each step, work through any challenges / fears / resistance, hone & refine your approach, and upgrade your impact & income exponentially … All without working “too hard” or succumbing to “pushy / power-over” sales & marketing techniques.


Develop Your Business Model & Core Programs

That will allow you to expand your thriving, profitable business to 6-figures or multi-6-figures in alignment with the Sacred Feminine Principles, honoring your spiritual path & deepest values.


Mastery of Successful Sales & Program Launches

Create a sales & marketing strategy that feels good to you on all levels AND will generate significant revenue & business growth year-over-year.


Your Relationship with Your Community

Create …


Hiring An Assistant & Your First Team Members

Create …


Powerful Messaging Principles to Amplify What You Were Born to Share with the World

Create …


How to Integrate Your Spiritual Path & Your Business Path

Create …


Amplify Your Ability to Receive Abundance & Earn 6-figures+++

Create …


Ritual & Shamanic Practices to Guide Your Business Decisions & Future Planning

Create …

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Spaces in the Mastermind are offered upon application only. Click here to submit your application:



Only by choosing to live in a completely different way, can we create a completely new reality.

Only by becoming the future, can we change our present experience.

Your business is your sacred channel for creating massive change to support a vibrant future for all of LIFE and for our world.

Are you ready to be fully supported in carrying out your sacred mission?

This is your space to build your legacy & generate the impact & income that will allow you to fulfill your true purpose & destiny.

Submit your application today.



To your visionary business,

Jocelyn Mercado

Founder of Sacred Planet

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