So many people today are going through truly challenging times.

Are you one of them? 

Whether you are experiencing:

  • Concerns about our environment and political situation 
  • Seeing friends or loved ones go through obstacles & challenges 
  • Stuck in a situation that you don't know how to change 
  • Money worries
  • Health problems of yourself or a loved one
  • The loss of someone dear to you 
  • Feeling depressed or hopeless 
  • Feeling fearful & anxious 
  • Wishing you could make a difference but not having the clarity you need to take action ...

I have something to share with you that will help. 

Whenever we are going through difficult times, it is absolutely necessary to take in other perspectives that can help us to see our situation more clearly.

It's especially helpful to listen to the wisdom of elders, teachers, healers and thought leaders who have been through similar challenges before, and who can offer sound advice to guide you. 


The truth is that we live in a time of rapid evolution, more rapid than at any other known time in human history. Sweeping changes are occurring daily, both in our inner / personal / spiritual lives, as well as in the external realities of society, economics, education, politics, environment, and so on. All of this can be unsettling, to say the least. 


But while things feel extremely difficult right now, we know in our hearts that there is always a higher reason for the things we are going through. We are being guided through these times by powers much more ancient & intelligent than ourselves! But it can be easy to lose trust in this truth, and so we need to remind ourselves frequently that: 


A different way ~ A different perspective ~ A different mode of operating is not only possible, but also readily available to us at every moment.


If you KNOW that you need a new perspective right now, so that you can ...

  • Take positive action instead of staying stuck
  • See the bigger picture and understand the messages wanting to come through for you from Source and Spirit at this time
  • Think more clearly about your situation
  • See a brighter outlook and shift yourself into a vibrant, positive energy
  • Stay strong so you can give support to others in your life who really need you 
  • Recharge, refill, and rejuvenate your own energy levels
  • Access your intuitive knowing
  • Increase your self-confidence AND your confidence in the universe
  • Reconnect with your spirit guides and support systems that are alwaysthere to guide and protect you (even when they seem far away) 
  • Take your next step forward toward a brighter future ...


Then I invite you to listen to a specially selected set of 17 presentations and interviews. When you purchase, you'll gain immediate access to the full set!


Immerse yourself in deep wisdom from a diverse & brilliant group of experts

who have been through challenging times themselves, and who are ready to share with you how to rise above the obstacles in your life. They will guide you to take decisive positive action (even when it feels nearly impossible to do so!). 


As you experience these exclusive interviews, you will learn from 17 thought leaders, teachers, shamans, healers, and scientists who will give you: 

  • A HUGE boost in self-confidence and knowing that you are on the right path
  • Reassurance that you truly are divinely guided and things are all happening for a larger reason
  • A new perspective to help you rise above your most difficult challenges and struggles
  • Strength and courage to act on behalf of life, light, and love
  • Action steps that will guide you to break free from stuckness and paralysis
  • Wisdom from teachers who have been there before and who can offer practical guidance to help you transcend difficulties
  • Insights and breakthroughs in understanding 
  • Restored hope & joy, no matter what is troubling you
  • And so much more to guide you on your path



Here is another important TRUTH: When you take the time, especially when things are tough, to relax and do something good for yourself ... To make space for solitude and deep reflection ... To listen to the words of a wise teacher or two ... 



Something very important happens.


You get reconnected with your bigger WHY, your own unique & meaningful journey in life, and your reason for doing all that you do (even when what's happening now is NOT something that you chose!). 


You gain an understanding of the higher reasons for all that is happening in YOUR life right now.


Taking this time & space for yourself, to immerse yourself in new, different, and inspiring perspectives, is so important ...

because it will help you to get back on track, reconnect with your own confidence & your trust in the universe, and get you the clarity that you need to take your next positive step forward.


So sit back and relax, and tune into this very special interview set. I am basically giving this away, because I know so many people deeply need this information right now! 



For only USD $59, you will receive permanent access to the following 17 life-changing interviews: 

Simone Wright Circle.png

Simone Wright: Returning Home, Becoming the All

Listen to intuitive & visionary Simone Wright speak about a time when her life had completely fallen apart, and how she reclaimed her strength & confidence.

Pat McCabe_Circle.png

Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe): How to Live Every Day In Loyalty to Thriving Life 

Diné elder Woman Stands Shining shares her stunning perspective on facing the difficulties of our times and how to powerfully rise above what disheartens us about today's world. 

Marina Pic_300x300 Circle.png

Marina Jacobi: The Quantum Structure of Who We Are

If you need a true paradigm shift, look no further! Marina carries wisdom given to her by star beings who want us to know that a completely different way of living & being is possible, and very much within our reach ~ It all begins with living from the heart. 

Marie Mbouni Pic_300x300 Circle.png

Marie Mbouni: Awakening the Creator Within

Marie's beautiful presentation includes a guided shamanic journey with sound healing, as well as profound wisdom on how to heal from the inside out, connecting both masculine and feminine within you. 

Yamile Yemoonyah Pic_300x300 Circle.png

Yamile Yemoonyah: How to Consciously Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

If you feel disconnected from your guides & protectors, then this is a must-see as Yamile gently shares how to connect (or re-connect) with those ones who are always here to support and help you, especially when you need them the most. 

Kedar Brown Pic_300x300 Circle.png

Kedar Brown: Awakening the Indigenous: The Re-Wilding of Human Nature

Prepare to go on a visionary journey into a different place & time, and when you surface from these waters, you will have an entirely new perspective on your life and why we are here. Enjoy this adventure into the imaginal realms and indigenous ways of knowing!

Brooke Medicine Eagle Pic_300x300 Circle.png

Brooke Medicine Eagle: Whole & Holy Truth ~ White Buffalo Woman's Way

Step out of the old, patriarchal, frustrating reality that we are taught is the only way ... And into a new, expansive space full of possibilities and connections to a higher intelligence. Brooke offers such eye-opening wisdom, not to be missed. 

Claude Poncelet_300x300 Circle.png

Claude Poncelet: Moving Beyond Anthropocentrism

As both a shaman and a physicist, Claude Poncelet is in a very unique position to guide us on a journey out of human-centered thinking and into the magical possibilities that are truly available to us. This is such an inspiring talk.

Veronica Godchild Pic_300x300 Circle.png

Veronica Goodchild: The Alchemical Nigredo as a Portal to Awakening

Veronica shares how descending into the darkest times provides us with a key opportunity to awaken, to change, and to evolve into the highest version of oneself. Prepare to be moved & inspired on many levels!

Jocelyn Pic 1_Circle_300x300.png

Jocelyn Mercado: Accessing the Mystery

Learn powerful ways to tap into the imaginal realm for answers, insights, and guidance. In this interview I share practical ways to bring sparkling magic, synchronicity, and new opportunities into your everyday life. 

Ilarion Merculieff_300x300 Circle.png

Ilarion Merculieff: Why Indigenous Wisdom and the Feminine Consciousness are Needed NOW

You'll be enthralled as you listen to Ilarion's accounts of his childhood, being brought up in a fully intact traditional indigenous community on the Pribilof Islands off the coast of Alaska. If you need an infusion of how we are meant to live, and a reminder about the power of women & the feminine principle to bring us back to that true & pristine way of life, look no further. You do not want to miss this interview.


Tayria Ward, Ph.D.: Daily Rituals to Attune to Mother Earth's Heartbeat

When we practice personal rituals, we gain access to a completely different way of knowing. Reconnect with your heart, soul, and the Earth as you listen to Tayria's deep wisdom and personal sharing about her own journey.

John Perkins_300x300 Circle.png

John Perkins: Creating a Life Economy

Learn how we have the power to exit the existing Death Economy and create a new, vibrant Life Economy in which success is measured by the amount of joy, compassion, and reciprocal generosity that we can bring forth. A true paradigm shift for today's world!

Pat McCabe_Circle.png

Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe): Retelling the Old Story to Create the New

Yes, I am including TWO interviews with Pat McCabe, because this information is so important for all to hear. Pat shares how to hold & respond to the instructions from ancient times which each of us embody deep within; and why it's important to know we are living in a time when we are developing a deep hunger for LIFE once again. 


Tanishka: The Power of Love to Change the World

Be inspired and uplifted by Tanishka's beautiful sharing about practical ways to restore balance, both in our own lives and in the collective, as well as how to tap into your intuition, our innate, mysterious, feminine guidance system. 

Clare Dubois_300x300 Circle.png

Clare DuBois: Re-Wilding Woman, Restoring Earth

TreeSisters founder Clare Dubois makes the ground move beneath our feet with her uplifting and emotional sharing about the power of women to change & renew our world. 

Peter Smith_300x300 Circle.png

Peter Smith: Life Between Lives

If you're having any doubts about reincarnation and the larger meaning of why we are each here, you simply must see this interview! Learn about the incredible studies (and Peter Smith's first-hand experiences) of past lives and life between lives, in which we each make soul contracts with one another for the highest good and learning of all. 

Dr John Ryan_300x300 Circle.png

Dr. John Ryan: Remembering Your Truest Nature

Dr. John shares paradigm-shifting information about how we are moving from a lower to a higher level of consciousness at this time, and how we can work with this energy for a smoother transition.


Once you purchase, you'll receive immediate access to all 17 interviews.


The truth is that you are not alone ... And there is a larger reason for everything that is happening to all of us, both individually and collectively right now. 

I know these 17 interviews will be so helpful for you to regain your calm center and your positive outlook, so you can skillfully & joyfully navigate these intense times.


Sending you love and bright blessings,


Jocelyn Mercado

Sacred Planet