What is

"Global Consciousness Redesign"?


It is the massive global shift that is already occurring on the planet. We are all being asked to step outside of our comfort zones and become activists, change-makers, and revolutionaries.


The call is coming from Mother Earth, from the Cosmos, from within our own hearts.

When we open up to this call, we find ourselves being re-wired, re-connected, and inspired to make a difference. We begin to see the truths of our existence that are not readily apparent to mainstream society.

We find ourselves forever changed, and furthermore, we realize that we do not ever want to go back to the widely-accepted version of reality.

For the old systems and structures are breaking down all around us. The world is in crisis, and global healing is desperately needed at this critical time.

If this resonates with you, then you are awake!

You have an unprecedented opportunity right now to join with others in global community and facilitate that healing.

To join together in discussions and conversations and take real action toward creating the brighter future that we know is possible.

The Global Consciousness Redesign Community is unlike any other.

It is specifically designed to facilitate and accelerate the global healing that is so needed in the world today.


When you join the Global Consciousness Redesign Community:

You will not only receive profound & insightful wisdom twice per month from leading experts in a multitude of related fields

You Will Also

Join in ongoing global conversations with like-minded individuals around the planet, take your understanding & contribution to new levels, and even create your own grassroots projects.

New Zealand Sunrise

New Zealand Sunrise


When you join the program, you'll receive:

  • Two interviews per month from amazing expert speakers (see topics below).

  • Free gifts, exercises, and practices from each speaker that you can use to deepen your personal, spiritual, & global healing initiatives.

  • A global community (online discussion forum) to continue & expand the conversation! Join with other like-minded individuals seeking to raise the global consciousness and deepen their own learning, just like you.

  • An online forum to create customized project groups for those who wish to join together to create impactful change in the world.

  • A monthly global healing meditation. Once per month, at the time of the Full Moon, join together with others all around the globe to send out positive healing energies and to facilitate an acceleration of the global healing that is so needed in our world today.


We all have access to an incredible brilliance inside of us.

It’s the ancient wisdom from generation upon generation of ancestors who lived and breathed and loved on the Earth before us. It’s the cellular knowledge that is our birthright. We all, every single one of us, have this within.

I invite you to utilize this program as a springboard to access that inner wisdom in inspired ways & on a regular basis.

Every month, expand your knowledge and consciousness through connecting with the Global Consciousness Redesign Community.

Take part in the global awakening! Make your own important contribution toward facilitating global healing.

When we open up to this type of opportunity, amazing things start to happen.

Our perspective begins to shift & change ...

We get a big vision for how we can make a real difference ...

We get inspired to start a movement!

When we participate in Global Consciousness Redesign, we can't help but change the world.

Simply by gathering in community and discussing important topics, we are raising our own vibrational frequencies, and sending our light out into the world for lasting and transformational change!

Milky Way and Pine Trees

Milky Way and Pine Trees

When you join this program, you'll gain access to:

Coral Reef_550x300.jpg
Coral Reef_550x300.jpg

A Community of Like-Minded Individuals! Collaborate, Deepen the Conversation, Share Ideas, & Form Your Own Global Projects

Two Expert Speakers Per Month! Learn More About Our Universe; Access Your Own Creative Potential to Design a New Future for Yourself and for the Planet

We are all seeking personal connection, and these spiritual or esoteric topics are not always the easiest to bring up in casual conversation!

Join this community of forward-thinking and visionary participants who seek to raise the global consciousness and achieve deeper levels of understanding of our place in the universe, just like you.

For those who seek a forum to create and launch global group projects, the discussion boards will provide this opportunity. To launch your own global initiative, put out a call for participants. To join an existing project, search the project groups for one that resonates with your own mission and purpose.

This program features two interviews per month with renowned global experts on Earth-Based Spirituality, Shamanism, Intuition, Astrology, Numerology, Indigenous Wisdom, Ancient Sacred Sites, Holistic Health, Energy Healing, Power Animals, Using Plants to Achieve Visionary States, Dreams and the Subconscious Mind, Sacred Geometry, Past Lives, Reconnecting with Nature, Ancient Goddess Wisdom, and more!

Immerse yourself in the deep wisdom of the speakers each month and feel the transformation that occurs in you over time!

Use practices suggested by the speakers to explore new realms of consciousness and connect with Spirit and the Universal Consciousness in ways that you never knew could be possible.

Mountain and Lake_550x300.jpg
Coral Reef_550x300.jpg

Monthly Global Healing Meditation

Inspire Others

Each month at the Full Moon, when our energies are naturally at their highest point, we will utilize the gift of online connection to merge our prayers and send powerful healing to wherever it may be most needed at that time, to perceptibly shift all beings toward a brighter future.

You have this healing power within you; don't let it go untapped!

When we gather in community to send healing energies out into the planet and the universe simultaneously, we create a vortex of light and healing that can produce massive results.

Invite your friends, family members, and colleagues to join. Form smaller community groups of people who you know personally and merge your conversations with the global dialogue!

Do you have a big vision and want to gain feedback / recommendations / inspiration from a global forum of open-minded visionaries? Present your ideas here; emerge with new insights and best practices from others who share your desire to change the world; and inspire others to come up with their own amazing vision for the future.

True and lasting change is not going to come from the political, economic, and social institutions of our time.

It will come from grassroots efforts and inspired communities willing to step outside of the status quo and stand up to make a difference for ourselves, our planet, and all beings in creation.

Join the global community committed to creating a brighter future for our children, our grandchildren, and the next seven generations.

This incredible program is offered for only $49 per month.

And when you sign up before August 15, you can join for the Early Bird price: Only $29 per month!