On May 17th, I announced The Magic of YOU, an amazing 22-week online training & group mastermind program for conscious entrepreneurs.

I've been receiving so many questions about the program since then, and I've decided to offer a live Encore + Q&A session so that you can join me in real time, tell me your individual scenarios, and we can look at whether the program is the right fit for you at this time.

I will also offer on-the-spot, customized life & business coaching & recommendations for everyone in attendance! This will include plenty of tips & strategies to help YOU leap forward toward your highest purpose & spend more time doing what you love.

If you are seeking to turn your ideas & passion into a successful online business ...

If you have an existing (online or local) business but you seriously need to start bringing in more clients and more income ...

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed by the technology and/or marketing aspects of running an online business ...

Then you will definitely not want to miss this event!

Enter your name and email address below to register for the FREE Magic of YOU Encore plus Q&A. Upon registering, you'll also receive a free gift: my exclusive interview "Accessing the Mystery" from The Heartbeat of Mother Earth Summit.

The Encore Presentation + Q&A is happening on May 23rd at 5 pm Los Angeles time / 8 pm New York time.

(May 24th at 10 am Melbourne / 12 noon Auckland)

This webinar will include information which I typically only provide to my paid life & business coaching clients. I am going to share these secrets with you for free on May 23rd.


The Truth is ...

The world needs YOU to step out fully on your highest path, bring your life’s purpose to fruition, raise the consciousness & awareness of all the people whose lives you touch, and make the world a better place, in the way that only YOU can do. All of our children and grandchildren are depending on each of us to take heart right now, step forward with courage, and do this work. The next 7 generations are counting on us.

If you have amazing vision, creativity, experience & talent but keep getting stuck on how to get your message out into the world on a larger scale, this program is for you!


This Webinar is Perfect for You If:

You are deeply desire to start an online business that will make the world a better place.

You have an existing online business and you know it is their time to uplevel / redesign / restructure your strategy & approach.

You are a lightworker, healer, therapist, coach, shamanic practitioner, teacher, artist, revolutionary, or visionary and you: (1) Want to share your important message & vision with the world, but you're feeling stuck in how to do this; or (2) Have a business idea but have not yet launched it.

You get stuck or stalled around the technology and marketing of your online business, because it seems overwhelming.

You want to build an online business that will give you a flexible schedule and the income that you deserve, while doing what you love every day.

I invite you to step fully into your personal power and take decisive action that honors the gifts you are meant to share with the world!

Let your attendance at The Magic of YOU Encore + Q&A be your next life-changing step toward the life & heart-based business that you've been dreaming of.

Enter your name and email address below to register. Upon registering, you'll receive a free gift: my exclusive interview "Accessing the Mystery" from The Heartbeat of Mother Earth Summit.


I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Love and light,

Jocelyn Mercado