During this unique video, you’ll learn & explore:

  • The importance of the massive, global energetic shift that humans are now being called to create

  • Why the raising of consciousness which has been happening for many years, is incredibly helpful, but still not enough ~ We need to take committed physical actions

  • What are the actions that we can take right now, to solidify the new energetics coming through at this time?

  • How will we benefit, individually and collectively, by taking these actions?

  • What role do the stars play in what we're experiencing here on Earth?

  • You will experience a powerful meditation which will take you out into the cosmos and back, and will connect you with the way that YOU are uniquely meant to re-establish this vital energetic connection with LIFE, Earth, and the divine intelligence that permeates all existence.

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During the call, we made an exciting announcement about Awakening the Ancient Ways, a 12-month Mentorship & Mastermind Program led by Jocelyn Mercado and Dr. Tayria Ward. Click here to learn more:

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The Truth Is ...

You have access to vast resources (Power, Wisdom, Freedom, & More) ~ Far greater resources than you could possibly imagine!

But What Are Those Resources & How Can We Connect With Them?


Ancient peoples & cultures since the beginning of time have known that we each have access to extremely powerful resources, every day, wherever we are, whatever our life situation. These ancient resources are our birthright.

Through connecting with the cycles of the moon and the seasons, we are gifted evolution, personal growth, and emotion.

Through engaging in sacred practices and ceremonies, we gain insights, inspiration, and visions of the future. We also help to enliven the Earth and all other life forms.

Through reaching out to our spirit guides, power animals, and angels, we receive undeniable confirmation that we are guided and protected at every moment.

Through opening up to our intuition, we experience a sacred knowing of our purpose, our mission, and the gifts that we are meant to share with the world.

Through listening to our dreams, we receive direction and messages to light up our pathway.

Through embracing our shadow, we heal old wounds and truly comprehend the depth of our courage.

And when we connect with the Imaginal realm, we gain access to a vast intelligence that infuses all life forms ... We can become one with this intelligence ... And we can ask for guidance to bring our life into alignment with joy, fulfillment, and our soul's mission.


You too, have access to all of this! 

It is your birthright as a child of the earth & cosmos. 

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So, if Your Higher Self is calling out to you ...

If you have a profound longing to deepen in your spiritual awakening ...

Renew & strengthen your connection to nature ...

And step fully into your own power, fueled not only by who you are today but also by the ancestral wisdom of your lineage & the ancient universal knowledge that is meant for all human beings to experience ...

Then Awakening the ancient ways is exactly what you've been seeking.

Presented by Dr. Tayria Ward and Jocelyn Mercado, this 1-year mentorship program is designed to give you an incredible experiential deep dive into the wisdom & innate inter-connection to all of life that human beings have known for millennia. Participating in Awakening the Ancient Ways will expand and supercharge your personal & spiritual development, and empower you with the knowledge & experience that you'll need to make a tremendous positive difference in favor of LIFE for our world.

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We can't wait to meet you and to share Awakening the Ancient Ways with you!

Love and magic,

Jocelyn Mercado and Dr. Tayria Ward

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