Location: Amadell Retreat Center

Amidst the ancient Great Smoky Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina

We’ll gather during the opening of the veils from November 1 - 5 to strengthen your connection with your guides, ancestors, and angels & catalyze the awakening of your soul’s purpose on a deeper level than you’ve ever known before.

We'll take the insights & new visions for the future which come through during this healing space, and use this information to design your highest-level program offerings & chart your course for the upcoming year for maximum business success.

an Elemental Initiation …

The structure of this retreat is a daily initiation through the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit / Ether.


Experience soul healing & experiential processes to release your blocks, and allow insights & inspiration to flow through:

  • Shamanic Breathwork

  • Past Life Regression

  • Zodiac Yoga & Qi Gong

  • Conscious Dreamwork

  • Live Sound Healing

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Evolutionary Astrology

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Tanta Yoga Meditations

Then use these insights to catalyze your purpose & business strategies:

  • Strategize your business & career to both create abundance & nourish your soul

  • Design the optimal programs & offers for your ideal clients

  • Manifest your mission

  • Create a business that allows you plenty of time for self-care

  • Live your purpose with passion

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Join us when the veils are thin, And You’ll:

  • Find your spiritual family & the tribe that will support you

  • Experience profound healing & nurturing

  • Enter a cauldron of rebirth, to renew ~ resurrect ~ re-create yourself

  • Savor 5 days amidst the oldest mountains in the world, ancestral land of the Cherokee people

  • Align with the Aquarian shift: Prepare for the massive changes coming through in 2020

  • Model your business to both realize ambition & experience profound self-care with the guidance of grace

  • How to avoid burnout while declaring YES to the universe for what is truly satisfying

  • Become aware of patterns & limiting beliefs where you get stuck

  • Clear, resolve, & complete Karma while stepping up & out into your Dharma

  • Receive the mentorship you need to transcend blocks & obstacles

  • Experience your astrological chart to awaken to your soul’s higher calling

  • Expand your Potential – Unleash your Genius!

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  • Discover how can best contribute to the world to bring forth your unique medicine & your highest level of service

  • Master & embrace your shadow

  • Join in our daily dream sharing with sacred guayusa tea

  • Experience Tantric meditations for self-realization

  • Digital detox & time “off the grid”

  • Enjoy delicious organic, vegan, and gluten-free food options

  • Added Bonus Opportunity! After the retreat has ended, stay one more day (November 6th) with Ver and Jocelyn to experience 1:1 coaching, healing, personal shamanic journeying, and / or ceremonial work.

Your Facilitators

VerDarLuz CelestiOwl

VerDarLuz Pic_300x300 Circle.png

A traveler to 40 countries, author of two books Codex of the Soul and Aquarius Dawns, and creator of Divine Timing Online School, VerDarLuz uniquely blends systems of self-awareness—such as Astrology, Human Design, and Shamanic Therapies—into his holistic Life and Business Coaching practice.

He teaches entrepreneurs, families, and couples how to honor and integrate their core patterns and archetypes. VerDarLuz empowers clients by helping them strategize the WHEN and WHERE of life: Optimal Time-mapping and Astro-Locality Power Places, as well as the WHO - harmonic relating, in both love and business.

Since 2006, he has translated the occult and complex into a pragmatic language through his down-to-earth and playful speaking style, and in 2018 began his podcast: The Practical Esoteric. VerDarLuz facilitates transformational workshops involving Astrology, Conscious Relating, Keynote Concerts, Dance, and Shamanic healing worldwide.

Jocelyn Mercado

Jocelyn Pic 1_Circle_300x300.png

Jocelyn Mercado is a spiritual guide for the modern world, transformational life & business coach, holistic health consultant, writer, and environmentalist.

She has been a student & practitioner of indigenous wisdom and earth-based spirituality for more than 9 years. Prior to that, she worked in Finance & Business for over 15 years, so she has a uniquely balanced right brain / left brain approach.

Jocelyn created Sacred Planet to support people in a process of un-learning the rules & regulations of modern mainstream society which no longer serve our highest good, so that we can reconnect with nature, with joy, and with the TRUTHS that we hold deep within our hearts.

Jocelyn believes that at the same time as we are witnessing the systems & structures of the old “modern” world crumbling around us, we’re collectively realizing there’s an amazing opportunity at this momentous time in history to rise up together & create something entirely new that the world has never seen before. 

A small glimpse of Amadell


Come and join us! This will be an unforgettable, healing, nourishing experience.

To learn more & register, schedule a call with Jocelyn using the button below.