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Here are the amazing topics that we'll cover in the 20-week training program:

  • Module 1 (November 6): Health, Nutrition, and Toxins in Today's World; Your Personal Health History

  • Module 2 (November 20): Healthy Nutrition Basics

  • Module 3 (December 11): Who Should Detox, How to Detox Safely, & How Detoxing Supports Healing & Rejuvenation of Your Cells & Organs

  • Module 4 (December 18): The Powerful Reasons Why You Need to Reduce or Eliminate Certain Foods from Your Diet

  • Module 5 (January 8): Boost Your Longevity & Immunity by Reducing Sugar

  • Module 6 (January 22): Heal Your Digestive System by Reducing Dairy & Gluten

  • Module 7 (February 5): Miracle Superfoods for Radiant Health, Energy, Stamina, & Longevity

  • Module 8 (February 19): Incorporating Herbs and Supplements for Immunity and Full-Body Health

  • Module 9 (March 5): How Food & Nutrition Are Intricately Inter-Related to the Awakening of Consciousness

  • Module 10 (March 19): Special Q&A/Coaching Session! Personal Check-Ins, Progress, and Customized Recommendations

Following the recommendations in the Visionary Health 20-Week Breakthrough Program will help you to sleep better, have more energy every day, lose weight, reduce or eliminate digestive issues, restore your vibrancy & passion for life, and reduce stress & anxiety.

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The way we treat our bodies is so closely linked to the way we treat the Earth. I believe we can create tremendous change in our world simply by becoming more informed & aware about how our food choices affect the bigger picture, both on a personal level and on a global level. We are choosing our future every day - And we have so much opportunity to create a brighter future through pursuing health & vibrant wellness for ourselves and our family.

I'm so excited to share the Visionary Health 20-Week Program with you!


~ To your vibrant health & wellness ~

Jocelyn Mercado