Consciousness Redesign Community Monthly Subscription


Consciousness Redesign Community Monthly Subscription

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What is "Global Consciousness Redesign"?

It is the massive global shift that is already occurring on the planet. We are all being asked to step outside of our comfort zones and become activists, change-makers, and revolutionaries.

The call is coming from Mother Earth, from the Cosmos, from within our own hearts.

When we open up to this call, we find ourselves being re-wired, re-connected, and inspired to make a difference. We find ourselves forever changed, and furthermore, we find that we do not ever want to go back to the old ways.

For the old systems and structures are breaking down all around us. The world is in crisis, and global healing is desperately needed at this critical time.

We have an unprecedented opportunity right now to join together as a global community and facilitate that healing.

To inspire one another to open to a more vast, all-encompassing awareness of what we are each truly capable of.

To join together in discussions and conversations and take real action toward creating the brighter future that we know is possible.

The Global Consciousness Redesign Community is unlike any other.

It is specifically designed to facilitate and accelerate the global healing that is so needed in the world today.

When you join the program, you receive:

  • Two interviews per month with renowned global experts on Earth-Based Spirituality, Shamanism, Intuition, Astrology, Numerology, Indigenous Wisdom, Ancient Sacred Sites, Holistic Health, Energy Healing, Power Animals, Using Plants to Achieve Visionary States, Dream Interpretation, Sacred Geometry, Past Lives, Reconnecting with Nature, Ancient Goddess Wisdom, and more!

  • Free gifts, exercises, and practices from each speaker that you can use to deepen your personal, spiritual, & global healing initiatives.

  • A global community (online discussion forum) to continue & expand the conversation! Join with other like-minded individuals seeking to raise the global consciousness and deepen their own learning, just like you.

  • An online forum to create customized project groups for those who wish to join together to create impactful change in the world.

  • A monthly global healing meditation. Once per month, at the time of the Full Moon, join together with others all around the globe to send out positive healing energies and to facilitate an acceleration of the global healing that is so needed in our world today.

When you join, you agree to allow Sacred Planet to charge your card on file each month for the reduced price of $29 per month. You have the option to cancel at any time.