To stand


Bare feet planted in the grass like tender roots

As the thunder rolls in the distance


To feel

The swirls and spirals of Earth’s breaths intensifying

Playing with my hair

Tickling my lips and nose


To look up

And see the black clouds rolling,

Covering up the blue sky

Imposing their will upon the landscape below


To know 

I am part of this landscape

The trees and I,

We stand together (with our roots connected to Mother)

The animals and I,

We feel the electricity in the air

The plants and I, 

We let the wind take us, move us about

The stones and I,

We revel in the deep reverberations of thunder 


To sense

The approaching storm

The sheer power of it!

The never-ending resources of lightning and thunder and heavy winds

Containing the power to effortlessly destroy anything & everything humans have foolishly constructed


I look up to the forest canopy overhead 

And I see the treetops are writhing ~

Whipping about ~

Overtaken by the winds.

They bend, they bow, they nod 

In deference to the storm

And yet their trunks stand straight and unmoving.


Or so I thought.


I walk up to a nearby tree

(The tree that I belong to most)

I wrap my arms around her

I put my ear up to her trunk

And I hear scraping!



At this close proximity, I can feel that even her trunk is moving!

She is withstanding the torment that batters her leaves & branches, 
And the aftershocks reach all the way down to her base …

Even into her roots.

She is twisting and bending, from top to bottom,

Standing strong – yet letting go of all control

As the advancing storm pummels her


This moment now stands out

Like a bookmark on my soul.

I will never forget this sound:

The scraping & grinding as the inside of a tree twists and bends in complete surrender.


I stand on my own 

Once again

I put my arms straight out to the sides

And the first raindrops begin to fall


Then suddenly, a torrent of water

Is released from the heavens


I am lashed by the winds

My hair is soaked and whipped about and tangled

My clothes are drenched

The lightning strikes send a chill from my head to my toes

The deep sound of thunder echoes in my heart and in my root chakra


I let the storm take me over.


I am only following the example of the trees.


What surrender

What devotion

What release

What joy


To give oneself up to the power of the tempest

To give oneself over to the natural course of events

To stop resisting

To enter the darkness of the storm

And to accept 

Being overpowered


The mystery