I have exciting news for you today!

I am going to be releasing several interviews from the Balancing Sacred Masculine & Sacred Feminine 3-Day Event which was held in June 2017. These interviews have never before been viewed outside of the actual event. We created all of these interviews live and in real time, with audience Q&A afterwards.

The speakers were simply amazing, and the response from the audience was beyond anything I anticipated. So I know you'll enjoy these! I'll post a new interview every 2 or 3 days from now until the end of November.

The first interview I want to share with you is the one which received the strongest response of all. Watch or listen as Clare Dubois takes you on a rollercoaster inner journey of exploring the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine within you. I served as her guinea pig, and at times I was left utterly speechless. This was a profound experience and I welcome you to try it out for yourself!

Here is Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters, in "Reinstating the Feminine to Reclaim Wholeness - An Embodied Journey Into Your Own Self-Discovery."



Or listen to the audio:


If you love what you experienced here, I welcome you to CLICK HERE and check out Clare's awesome mission of planting one billion trees per year to reforest our planet. If you register on this page, you will have the chance to hear Clare interview a number of incredibly inspiring speakers including Joanna Macy and Barbara Marx Hubbard in a 7-week interview series.


Love and blessings, Jocelyn Mercado