Imagine that YOU are the web of life.


Feel yourself extending down into tree roots,

Misting silently to meld with the air,

Arching throughout all space and time,

Floating seamlessly throughout the waters of the oceans.


You are stretched out, infinite, embracing all that exists in the universe.


You are the fabric we are all made of.


You are the animating force;

You are the universal instructions

Within the cells of every living being

That take lifeless matter

And transform it into the mystery of Life,

The miracle of Creation.


YOU hold all things together


You weave the moons and stars with your gossamer threads 


You keep the planets spinning in their perfect ellipses

You keep the Suns burning

You make the comets fly 

And you push the outer reaches of the universe

Ever to greater distances,

Ever expanding


How does it feel

To be the up and the down,

The weft and the warp,

The hot and the cold,

To be everything that exists?

To be the wind

To be the sea

To be a part of everyone who ever lived?


Imagine now that you are the force within the crocus,

The first flower of spring.

How does the bulb know

When to send up its tiny green tendrils,

Unfurling toward the light?

How does it know which way to grow to get to the sun?

How do its cells know just how to split and multiply 

To produce the perfect green leaves

And delicate purple blossoms

Emerging from Mother Earth

Pressing themselves through the layers of dead leaves and decaying matter from last fall

Until they emerge, brilliant and miraculous, smiling in the sunlight?


It is magic.


It is inspired by this force

That pervades us all:

The web of life,

The fabric of the cosmos,

The universe.


You are the act of Creation;

You are the Sustaining force.


We are all interconnected;

We are all woven together;

We are always safe 

In each other's embrace.


What we do to each other,

We do to ourselves


Honor and respect

All aspects of the web


For the Earth is You,

And YOU are all of Creation.

You ARE the web of life.


By Jocelyn Mercado


Image: Creation of the Universe


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