May our eyes be opened to the magic and emotions

Of the other people around us;

May our words be kind.

May we see, when we look at others, all of their hopes and dreams,

How they try so hard to do what is right,

And may we see their inner light full of creativity and unlimited potential.


We are not our work, although it may seem so at times;

We are not what we buy or the value of our bank account.

Our worth is not determined by the power we exert over others,

Or the quickness with which we rise to fame and success.


We are each a beating heart;

We are a flowing river of emotions;

We are infinite possibilities just waiting to break free and become our highest potential.

We are in constant flow with the universe,

We are the very essence of abundance,

And the magical force of creation resides within every one of our whirring cells.


We are life

We are the miracle

We are the future

We are the consciousness of the universe.


And right now

At this time on Earth

We are called to transform

To become more open and aware than humans have ever been before

So that we can stop harming the Earth, Mother of all life

So that we can stop hurting one another

Stop the wars

Stop the violence in the name of religion

Stop the cruelty, to animals as well as to other humans


We are being called to reconnect on a soul level and join in community to help one another


And what better time than Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, December Solstice, and Ramadan

All our religions coming together in agreement that this time of year is sacred


What better time than the eve of a sparkling New Year


To make a commitment

Every one of us

To make positive, loving, life-affirming change

For ourselves

For all people and for all beings alive

For the planet

And for the future generations to come


The power is inside of us

To create a new way of living

Regardless of the politics,

The religious influences,

The governments,

Or the fears that make us pause and question our deepest convictions.


The greatest revolution of all must come from the people:

Every individual

Standing up to say "enough of the violence!" and "I choose love"


And so, in this New Year that opens up before us,

A blank slate just waiting for us to write upon it,

May we all take action

Each in our own way

To work toward and demand the brighter future

That we know in our hearts

Is possible


Much love, many blessings, and infinite light to you during this most wonderful holiday season. May you be surrounded by loved ones and experience the deepest peace in your heart.


Image: Winter Sunrise by Delirisdart