Tiny baby,

Growing in your mother's womb;

A miracle,

You appeared from nothing

When two cells joined.

Your tiny heart began to beat at only 18 days from conception;

And it beats strongly now, feeding your cells,

Which multiply as if by magic.


What are the chances of these incredible events?


When stars first collided in the Big Bang, had they already dreamt of you,

Tiny baby?


When the first life climbed out of the sea onto rocky shores,

Was the plan for human evolution

And your eventual birth

Already known to the Great Ones who guide our destiny?


For you are a ray of hope, tiny one.

You have been sent here with a special purpose.

You possess talents and insights and a unique perspective on the world

That no other human being, or any other creature, possesses;

And you are destined for greatness.


Babies are magical

Because they have just emerged, blinking,

From the Source of all creation.


Before they are conceived,

Babies are one with the Divine Source

They are sent to us in pure love

They are made of heavenly light

They exist in a blissful state

Of eternal trust, compassion, and peace.


When they are in the womb,

They are continually bathed in love:

The love of the Great Mother;

The love of creation;

The love of life longing for itself

That brought the two tiny cells together in ecstatic union.



Remind us of the mystery and wonder

That lies just beyond what we can see and perceive

With our five senses.


And because they are so close to the eternal and loving source,

They embody it

They radiate it

And they share this essence of love and light

With all who encounter them.


Babies are all the proof we need

That Heaven exists;

That God, the Source of Life, our Creator, loves us unconditionally;

That we will never die, but that we will go on to the next phase of our existence

By returning to the same blissful state from which the tiny baby just emerged.

We know this truth instinctually.


All that we seek

Can be found

In the light of the baby's eyes

And the enthralling sound of her laughter,

For those contain the essential magic

Of the miracle of creation.


And so, tiny baby, do you know that you are destined for greatness?

Do you know that you hold the key to all the world needs

In order to free us from pain and hurt?

You are the answer.


In truth, we are each the answer.


Each of us is the tiny baby.

Each of us came from heaven and pure light;

Each of us started out perfect, filled with peace.


We are still perfect, even today;

And anything that has happened in our lives so far

Has only made us more perfect

For exactly what we are destined to do.


And now is the time.

It is OUR time

To embrace who we truly are,

To wake up to this knowledge that yes,

We are magic.

We are each a miracle.

To awaken the ancient remembering

That we are each a messenger from heaven.


We each hold the key to unlocking some problem or challenge faced by the Earth and its creatures right now.


We each have the power to change history.

We each have the strength and the ability to make a difference.


We must seek inside;

Find what calls us

Find what inspires us

Discover the work that we can't NOT do in this lifetime,


And be the change

That we wish to see

In the world.


Believe that you possess magic.

Do not ever doubt it.

Be true to yourself,

Speak your truth,

Shine your light.


And live the live you have always dreamed of

Since the moment you were conceived

And sent here

From heaven.


Beautiful baby photo courtesy of peasap on Flickr.


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