Do not settle for being trapped

Within the constraints of what society has deemed "reality";

For the truth of our existence

Goes so much deeper than what most of us ever experience.


Do not settle!


Dive deep into the boundless oceans of your soul

Let the tides pull you out to sea

Be swept away in the waves; you know not what beauty and passion await you in those depths.


Wait - are you still standing there in the shallows?

Up to your knees,

Afraid to go deeper?


I implore you, do not think it over.

Do not listen to your fears. Do not pay them any mind.

Fear will try to consume you;

It will tense you up so your life force stops flowing;

Fear will tell you a million little lies

That keep you frozen, afraid to move.



Know fiercely that fear is a phantom

Look, you can put your arm right through it;

It is not really anything,

Only an illusion.


Move through it now, step past it, leave it in your wake.

The unknown is calling to you.


Come in deeper. The cold waters reach up to your waist now. Feel the power and intensity of the water's touch.

This ocean, the vast ocean of your consciousness and unconsciousness, holds the secrets you have been searching for, all your life.


Dive in, my friend.

You do not need oxygen here.

You do not need a flotation device.

We are going past all the limitations of the human body

And into the unseen realms.


Forget everything you thought you knew;

Release all of your long-held assumptions;

Turn away from your doubts,

And plunge into the depths

Of the universal consciousness.


I will swim by your side

And together, we will never be the same

Ever again.