I want to offer you a paradigm shift today:

Don't set goals. Instead, set yourself up to receive miracles.

When we set a goal, we are often looking for what is realistic, logical, expedient, or profitable.

When we ask for a miracle, on the other hand, it’s always about transformation. Getting from an old place to a completely new place, shifting paradigms, saving lives.

When we want to change the world then (quite a task these days!), what is going to be more useful? Goals? Or miracles?

I’ve had too many times where I set a goal and there was no energy behind it. No spark. No passion.

But when instead, you make the decision to put forth your highest effort, or take a big leap outside of your comfort zone, or go out of your way to help someone in need, or approach a project from an entirely new angle … When you seek help from above in the form of prayer or ceremony or simply asking for the resources that you need …

That’s setting yourself up for a miracle.

So if you think the only thing that’s going to get you unstuck, re-motivated, aligned with your life’s mission, or out of a bad situation is a miracle … You just might be right.

And miracles are available to us.

They happen every day. We know this. We know there is magic afoot, all around us. We know that spiritual teachers and prophets and shamans are not lying about the reality of mystical and non-ordinary experiences. Spiritual awakenings and moments of intense & life-changing insight are not an accident. We've all experienced synchronicities that we know are not a coincidence.

So why don’t we think it can happen to us?

It is the old scarcity story? Do we believe that there are not enough miracles to go around?

Guess what … We get to CHOOSE. We have an innate tendency, as human beings, to receive miracles. We just have to decide if we are up for the challenge of welcoming them into our life.

I make it a practice to expect to see and experience miracles & magic every day.

And so I do.

Many of the miracles I experience are small-ish. The way the sun shines through tree branches, creating a perfectly concentric, spiderweb-shaped glow in the middle of winter. A bald eagle flying overhead. A sudden burst of insight or inspiration which is the perfect answer to a question that I was stuck on.

Not so small, really. These are each incredibly amazing in their own right.

But some of the miracles I’ve experienced are BIG. The birth of my children. Quitting my finance job so I can do the work that I love. Talk to amazing people all around the world on Zoom every day. (Video conferencing itself is a miraculous feat - talking to someone on the other side of the world as if you are chatting together in your own living room!) Having a mountain speak to me, first in shamanic journeys … And then manifest into my physical reality. The synchronistic ways that beautiful & inspiring people come into my life at just the right time.

You can set yourself up to receive miracles.

There are PLENTY of them to go around. In fact, the world would be a better & happier place if more of us opened up our arms with full trust & faith to welcome miracles and magic into our lives. You can start today!

Here are 4 ways to set yourself up to receive miracles:

  1. Figure out your life’s purpose. We each hold the key to something the world critically needs. It is our sacred responsibility to find out what our purpose is, and then go and DO it! So don’t wait another day. When you are on the path toward your true life’s purpose, miracles and synchronicities will guide you all along the way. I guarantee it.

  2. Step outside of your comfort zone. We are programmed to recreate the familiar again & again, because it’s safe and predictable. When we jump outside of that comfort zone, we enable our subconscious mind to see that something entirely different is possible and even survivable. Even preferable! So try it! There is no better way to create a huge shift in your life (a miracle) than taking a big courageous step outside of your comfort zone. Outside of the comfort zone is where tremendous growth and transformation occur. Just hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

  3. Take action. This one is really important. The universe is constantly conspiring to send us huge amounts of abundance, but our blocks and low expectations can get in the way. When we take action, we counteract those low expectations, by creating an open pathway for the universe to send us what we’ve been dreaming of. It’s a two-part deal: (1) The universe creates opportunities, and then (2) We need to take action on those opportunities in order to receive the abundance that is meant for us. When you are consistently taking decisive & inspired action, you can expect miracles to begin arriving at your front doorstep.

  4. Know deeply that if you have a desire, there is a reason you feel so passionately about it, and there is a way for you to accomplish it. We are always surrounded by amazing solutions to our problems, solutions that will bring us the happiness, freedom, and income that we need and want; it’s just a matter of SEEING the opportunities that are there. We are each capable of so much more than we perceive on a day to day basis. So let go of that small version of yourself. Open up to your full potential, know that you have these ideas and longings and passions for a very important reason, and seek out those ways to accomplish what you most deeply desire to bring forth into the world.

I know these 4 steps are not easy. They can often bring up fear and doubt. But they are absolutely the TRUTH and once you step into them, big changes ALWAYS start to happen.

The world needs YOU to step out fully on your highest path, bring your life’s purpose to fruition, raise the consciousness & awareness of all the people with whom you come into contact, and make the world a better place, in the way that only YOU can do. All of our children and grandchildren are depending on us to take heart right now, step forward with courage, and do this work. The next 7 generations are counting on us.