Since I was a little child,

I felt I was destined for something bigger

Something greater

Than following the rules

And getting a job

And fitting in with everybody else.


For a long time,

I worried about what people might think

But now

I've been alive long enough

And I've experienced enough

And I've accepted myself to the fullest extent


And now, I don't care what they all say.


I want to shake things up a lot

I want to live life out loud

And speak my truth

And live my dreams

And find the deeper truth of my soul

And run wild and free

In this lifetime.


I want to transform my own life

And then I want to connect

With everyone else who feels this same way

Who longs for more

Who knows they are meant to do something amazing 

Who dreams of a different, brighter, more creative and more unlimited future

Because we just KNOW that it's possible;

It's an essential truth that cannot be proven or disproven;

It's based on ancient wisdom

And nature

And intuition.


This KNOWING is based on things that run deeper than facts and figures and rules.


I want to wake up every morning

With joy in my heart and 

Feel like I'm flying

When really I'm walking

Because my heart is so full

I can barely contain it


I want to teach my children

That there are no limits;

I want to encourage them to explore new things,

Every day,

Because you never know what will grab your heart and become 

Your most meaningful and compelling passion in this life.


I want to model for my children

A life fully lived;

I want to feel every emotion,

Explore unknown cultures,

Meet people that, if I had followed the rules, I would never have met.


I want to pursue opportunities that seem foolish

(When you look at them with logic)

But that are brilliant and perfect 

(When you look with your heart and soul)


I want to walk barefoot in the woods,

My feet wrapping around roots and feeling the crunch of the leaves

I want to feel the heartbeat of the Earth through my soles


I want to dive deep into the oceans

Exploring the realms that supported the first life;

The vast waters that stabilize our precious planet


I want to stare up at the full moon

And soak up its silvery glow

And know that its gravity pulls me too

Just as it tugs at the tidal waters 


I want to live for months in the Amazon rainforest

Where there are no roads

Immersing myself in the wisdom and undisturbed wildness 

Of every sacred thing that lives there


I long to visit the ancient ruins

Of Peru, Mexico, Egypt, and India;

Opening my soul to feel

The energy and power of those places

And I want to lay down on the ground there

So my body can soak up all of the knowledge encased in the Earth

Back from the times of the earliest civilizations.


I long to climb the tallest mountain I can find and 

Raise my arms to the sky and

Yell for all the world to hear,

A sound from the depths of my soul


I want to connect with compassionate hearts (like yours) all around the globe;

I want to use our intuitive powers

For the healing of all people, everywhere

And for the healing of our beautiful planet

Because if we can join our hearts together in harmony,

We can bring our wildest dreams to life.


I long to make profound





Change in the world


Just by being me.


I want you to join me.


We can change the world together,

You and I.


I invite you to join with me!

My mission is to share, with as many people as possible, how to break free from everything that holds you back.

To awaken your deepest awareness to ways that you can heal yourself, and at the same time, heal the Earth.

To reveal to you your unlimited, boundless potential, and guide you in building a new life centered around the work that you are meant to do in the world.

Why? Because when a person connects with their life purpose the absolute highest form of contribution that each of us can give, and also the most meaningful and fulfilling work that we can possibly do we reach a state in which we simultaneously live a life without limits, and dynamically create the brighter world that we know is possible.

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