Why do I do this work?

It is pure passion

Following my heart, soul, and intuition

It is a conviction that runs through the deepest parts of me

That these trees, these mountains, 

The lakes and rivers, 

The monkeys and rabbits and tigers and whales

The morning glories and the sunflowers

The herbs and the weeds

Are as much a part of me as I am a part of them

And if we let them perish, we will have nothing left, and soon we too 

Will die 

Of a broken spirit

If nothing else 


Money will not matter

A successful career will not matter

Retirement savings will be worthless 

If my children and grandchildren

Cannot travel to the Amazon rainforest, if they choose

Or see a living polar bear 

Or walk among the redwoods

Or hike the Himalayas

Or bask in a field of wildflowers in the summer, watching honeybees and butterflies flutter all around, performing their sacred nectar dances.


There are enough of us:


The ones who really care,


The ones who can see past the mistaken dream of the modern world.


And our numbers are growing,




Every day.


We were at COP21 fighting for indigenous rights and a 1.5 degree Celsius limit to global warming;


We are working in the rainforests every day to preserve the previous life that still flourishes there;


We are standing up to government, battling the policies and the politicians who would endanger our collective future for their individual gain;


We are activists marching in protest of fossil fuel use, or rallying to raise awareness around climate change;


We are scientists doing research and work to find out how migration patterns, plant growth, biodiversity, and weather patterns might change ... And what we can still do to keep them the same.


We are shamans, dreaming into existence a new era of peace and creativity and the fullest life.


We are writing, singing, dancing, praying, loving, journeying, meditating, working, and hoping for a better future.


We are the strongest force out there

Stronger than the lawmakers

Stronger than big oil

Or the mega-corporations

Stronger than the ones who think climate change is not real

Or not influenced by humans


We are so powerful

Because we are on the side of Nature

We are inspired and encouraged and motivated

By the voice of the Source of all life

By the spirits of the winged ones, and the four-legged ones

And the tree spirits, as well as all the collective energy of the forests everywhere

We are driven by our own intuition

Our fierce internal knowledge and wisdom

Passed down by generations long ago

Who lived in harmony and respect with this planet that we love.


Now is our time

We have a great opportunity before us

To honor the ancient wisdom

To reconnect with nature

To rediscover our own limitless possibilities

To fully explore what we are capable of 

To infuse this world 

This modern society

With peace, compassion, and understanding

To end the violence and suffering

Which are just symptoms of the overall global sickness

To restore humanity's faith in our own selves

And to heal the Earth by healing the minds and hearts of all of the people living on it:

To make unprecedented, transformational change in the world.


The sages and Mystics have said for millennia

That in this time, a time of overwhelming darkness,

A small but powerful group of humans would break through all limitations

And using love and sacred inspiration as their only weapons, 

Lead all humankind 

To a new beginning

A new consciousness

A new way of living upon the Earth


Now we are here in this precious moment

On the brink of great change


Will you resist the changes that need to occur? Will you uphold the status quo, seeking comfort in familiarity?


Or will you throw down your shackles, release all doubts and judgments,

And join in wholeheartedly

On the side of truth






And a brilliant, beautiful, healthy planet for our future generations?


I invite you


To come


Along ...


Speak your truth

Shine your light

And change the world 



Love and light to you in this promising New Year 2016!


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