There is a bit of the divine feminine within each of us,

Women and men,

Boys and girls.

Some of us identify with her more strongly than others ...

But none of us can deny her presence deep in our hearts.


She is the one who will give up her life to protect her loved ones ...

Who sings so sweetly that it brings tears to your eyes ...

Who will lay for hours in the forest

       just watching the leaves dancing overhead.

              She discerns her future in the patterns of their rippling movements.

She is the wise one who knows the ways of the ancient paths

And the potency of the healing herbs.


She leads us away from the city,

                        toward mountaintops and distant shores

The wild woman, she bids us to seek

Deep within

And grasp hold of our long-forgotten dreams

Speaking our truth

            Shining our light

Disregarding what others might say.


Have you ever heard her call?

Perhaps it was on a cold & windy night:

Did you step outside to let her sharp wind cut through you and wash away all that is not true?

Or maybe it was in a sunny field

When you watched the shining wild flowers bobbing their heads,

                               Celebrating life:

Did you leap for joy and roll in the warm summer grasses?


She is the one who gazes up at the moon, wolf-like

                Eyes wide and shining.

She cradles the baby close to her breast

And sings a lullaby of forever and mist and magic.

She runs to the ends of the Earth to find what she needs

And returns at dawn, moss in her hair

       Dirt beneath the fingernails

              Her breath smelling fresh like the pine forest


And knowing she will change the world

She will transform every one of us

As only she can do.


She is the quandary, y la respuesta

She beckons us to walk with her

                            down paths where no one has traveled before;

To leave behind all that limits us;

To stand beaming

                    in the sunlight of our own presence.


Open to her; do not resist.

She stirs within you, longing to be released.