Symbol of transformation 

Of cataclysmic advances, of evolution in high velocity


Just as the caterpillar wraps up in its cocoon to wait,

So too are we waiting now

All people

And all beings on Earth


We can feel the pull already

Inescapable, irresistible

It calls to us already from the depths of our soul

Telling us to get ready ...

Soon we will be forever changed


We will break free

Of all the illusions

All the lies we have been trained to accept

And the misguided rules passed down by generations


Now is the time

The time our ancestors were waiting for 


Our generation

All people living today

Are here because we are part of the prophecy


Is it a coincidence that we are surrounded by crises at this time?


Climate change

We eat food empty of nutrients and full of toxic chemicals

We numb our minds with flashing screens to forget the pain

We are taught to acquire more, be better than the others, exert force & control

We take pills to cover up the messages from our bodies


Is it any coincidence at all?

Virtually every ancient civilization and every indigenous culture around the globe 

Have foretold this era

As a time of breaking free 

From all limitations

Of emerging from darkness

A great shift in our shared human consciousness

And a turning toward the light

Toward creativity

And toward the vast mystery of our own power


It is not a mistake.


We are all caterpillars, being transformed within tight limiting shells

We are undergoing the metamorphosis

It is not easy

It is not comfortable

It feels intense and frightening

We think maybe we are dying

And we see glimpses of brilliance out there but we cannot yet let go of the old framework quite enough 

To grasp

The eternity

The possibilities

The magic

That has really been inside us all along


But we must have courage.

Someday very soon, our tight shells will crack open


The old world will no longer be able to contain us


We will emerge


Into a world entirely broken down and rebuilt upon the ashes of the old

A world in which there are no limits

In which Nature and Creativity and Mystery are everything


We will take deep breaths while our wings dry


And then we will try a little flutter

The faintest flutter

And then we will


Small flaps at first

Then growing stronger

And in a heartbeat, we will soar into the sky





Absolutely free

Absolutely pure


Into the new world

That we have waited for so long to see.

Click here to watch the amazing birth of a butterfly.


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