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I'm Jocelyn Mercado, the founder of Sacred Planet.

I am a Transformational Life Coach, Author, Holistic Health Consultant, and Environmentalist. I worked in Finance and Project Management for over 15 years before I took the leap to leave the corporate world and begin my Life Coaching and Consulting career, and I have never looked back!

It wasn't easy to make such a big change, but I carefully redesigned my life around what I love and what I know in my heart that I am meant to do. Now, I'm so joyful to be doing this work which I love every day. A big part of my mission is to help others follow their heart and build the life of their dreams too!

I created Sacred Planet based on the following truths which I learned from years of research, study, and reflection:

  • We live in a time of crisis on the planet (environmental issues, terrorism, health epidemics, poverty epidemics, war, refugees, and so on).
  • For real change to occur, it has to come from the people the individuals not the politicians or governments.
  • Every person on the planet right now is here for a reason. We each hold a special key to solve a problem creating suffering on the Earth.
  • We are limited only by what we perceive. We have been taught certain things by our culture, society, government, and childhood situation. These beliefs hold us in a box, shackled, prevented from living the life we are meant to experience.
  • The limiting beliefs, while difficult to shake, are not true. We can and must break free from these mistaken perceptions. When we do this, our potential becomes limitless.
  • When a person connects with their life purpose the absolute highest form of contribution that each of us can give, and also the most meaningful and fulfilling work that we can possibly do we reach a state in which we simultaneously live a life without limits, and dynamically create the brighter world that we know is possible.

My mission is to share, with as many people as possible, how to break free from everything that holds you back.

To awaken your deepest awareness to ways that you can heal yourself, and at the same time, heal the Earth.

To reveal to you your unlimited, boundless potential, and guide you in building a new life centered around the work that you are meant to do in the world.

Why? Because this is the only way that we can create a brighter, more compassionate, thriving, and sustainable future, for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, and all future generations of life on this beautiful planet.

I want this so that my young daughters can inherit a healthy, sustainable world. So that in their lifetimes, if they want, they can still visit the Amazon rainforest, see a real polar bear, or take a walk surrounded by massive redwood trees. So that these wonders of the planet will not just be myths and stories to them. So that they can breathe clean air and not live in fear of bombs or terrorism or war.

“The next decades—the active lifetimes of the people reading this and their children—will create the blueprint of the future Earth. We have a chance to be heroes if we have the courage to do what the [scientific] knowledge implies, or to be reviled as ignorant, selfish, and hugely destructive if we do not. This is a once-in-all-of-life’s-time opportunity, but we can only take advantage of it if we understand what a unique moment this is and how crucial it is to get things right, and to do it now. For our entire species, today matters. Our society’s current choices—and interpretations—might be the ones that reverberate for millennia, out of all proportion to the thought that went into them.”

~ Quote from The View from the Center of the Universe, by Primack and Abrams

The change must come from each person individually. From grassroots efforts. From small groups working together to create change far greater than the sum of their efforts.

And we must begin with each person doing the inner work to discover their deepest, most heartfelt truths. Each person must find their true purpose, the work in this world that they can't NOT do, the work that moves them from the depths of their heart and soul.

My Bio

I am a Transformational Life Coach, Author, Holistic Health Consultant, and Environmentalist. I spent over 15 years in Finance and Project Management before taking the leap to begin my Life Coaching and Consulting career, and I have never looked back!

I have been studying indigenous wisdom, shamanic practices, and earth-based healing methods for years and I've experienced major shifts in my life leading me to develop a unique life coaching method based on the idea that we must heal ourselves, as an individual, first; then connect with others and help others to heal; and then we will find our innate power to change the world. 

As a Transformational Life Coach, I have the incredible opportunity to work with visionary clients all around the world to help them discover their life's purpose, break free from everything that holds them back, launch their inspired vision or new business to the world, and turn their skills as a healer or teacher into a financially sustainable business. I help people to connect to their heart's truth and then redesign their lives so they can spend more time (or all of their time!) doing what they love & what they are meant to do in this precious & beautiful lifetime.

My website, Sacred Planet, was created to connect a global community of visionaries, revolutionaries, and thought leaders who are unified by the knowledge that we CAN and we MUST work together to create a brighter future for ourselves, our children, and the next seven generations of beings on our beautiful planet.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. I draw on my fascination with magical realism and the intricacies of the Spanish language to bring depth and mystery into my writing.

I am a blogger for the Pachamama Alliance, an environmental and social justice organization based in San Francisco. I write about indigenous wisdom, the politics and economics that affect the developing world, solutions to mitigate climate change, and global environmental and social justice issues. My most recent articles for the Pachamama Alliance can be viewed here.

I host a monthly women's circle to raise the power of the sacred feminine vibration to accelerate global healing. I speak at events on topics such as how we can each make a contribution to reducing the impact of climate change; the importance of a global shift in focus from money and power to peace and sustainability; how to discover and dynamically pursue your life's purpose; and many other topics.

In February 2017, I hosted The Heartbeat of Mother Earth Global Speaker Summit featuring 36 experts who shared scientific research, along with their personal experiences and studies, about humans' reciprocal connection with the Earth. What is Gaia's message to us, as humankind, her children? What is her message to you, as an individual? Open your heart to new ways that you can connect with Nature and feel Mother Earth's heartbeat in your own life. Click here to join the inspiring global conversation (free of cost).

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My most recent blog posts and poetry written for Sacred Planet can be viewed here.

The Worlds We Lost While Dreaming is my first novel.

I live in Maryland with my husband and two young daughters, ages six and three, to whom it is my sincerest hope to pass on a healthy, sustainable, magic-and-mystery-infused way of living on the Earth.

My Journey

Years ago, I was seeking a way to find happiness and fulfillment amid the hectic rush of modern life. I had struggled with anxiety and depression in the past, and I was determined to find a more fulfilling life. I went through quite a bit of soul-searching, researching and studying for years on topics including spirituality, human beings' purpose on the Earth, modern culture and its effect on our well-being, environment and climate change, intuition, indigenous wisdom, and how to live a more joyful life. This process started me on a true journey of the soul. Since then, the universe has opened up and helped me to connect with many special people and organizations that have changed my life in surprising and delightful ways.

I am so passionate about sharing what I have learned with you! It is amazingly important at this time for each of us to reconnect with exactly what is most fulfilling to our own heart and soul. Each person on Earth has a unique combination of talents, skills, and opportunities possessed by no one else in the world. We each hold a special key to unlocking a brighter future, for ourselves, other people, and the planet. When we live in this way, we find transformational new openings and opportunities. We optimize our infinite potential. Suddenly, we are contributing to the future we have always dreamed about. This heightened awareness and consciousness is exactly what the world needs most right now, from all of us.

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Amazing Fact for Your Reflection ...

Did you know that science has found there is no structural similarity at all between a caterpillar and a butterfly? The metamorphosis is due to an incredible process that begins with imaginal cells, the seeds of future potential that enable the caterpillar to dissolve within its cocoon and to be rebuilt as a completely new organism. You too contain the seeds of limitless potential that are readying you to launch into an entirely new and awakened consciousness and way of living in the world: A new life that will empower and inspire you to achieve things you never before believed possible.

Dare to discover who you have not yet become.