Half Day Intensive (4 hour session, includes 3.5 hours of time working together + a 30-minute break in the middle)

If you are at a point in your life where you need to make a huge leap forward ...

If you don't feel like you can survive another day in the old paradigm ...

If you need to re-awaken your creative flow ...

If you deeply desire to break free from all that holds you back ...

If you are seeking a deep & insightful brainstorming session ...

Or if you need a step-by-step plan to redesign your life ...

Trust that the answers you need are already within you, and together, we can uncover them.

In your customized Half Day Intensive, you can choose to focus on personal growth or entrepreneurial growth.

We will focus on exactly what YOU need most for these 4 hours, to help you leap forward in ways you would never have imagined. We will access the deep inner wisdom that is available to you.

You will emerge from the session with a detailed step-by-step plan so you can take decisive action toward the life of your dreams.

The first 45-60 minutes will be a detailed assessment of your current situation, how you wish to transform your life or your business, and the obstacles at hand. The remaining 2.5+ hours will be a strategy & action planning session for clearing limiting beliefs, enabling you to see a clear & focused pathway to your amazing future, and building a dynamic plan with realistic & actionable steps to get you there.  You'll be amazed at what we can accomplish in this time!

If you deeply desire to start designing your new life NOW ...

Then the Half Day Intensive is the perfect opportunity to help you discover a whole new world of possibilities that are available to you!


"Jocelyn, I want to thank you so much for the 3+ hour intensive business planning session. You helped me so much to see the forest from the trees. I feel 'unstuck' and excited again. It was super comfortable and felt very safe to open up and share my truth with you. Being able to do this helped me to see that it’s ok to dream big, make it mine, and go for it, all the while seeing how I can get the results I want. Love my new and improved action plan. Looking forward to moving forward again. Thank you so much, with gratitude and love." ~ Cammie R.

"Thank you so much for your time and amazing creativity last Monday! The summary you sent is excellent and I will begin working on developing the online platform we spoke about. The ideas have been pouring in! Very excited!! You do amazing work Jocelyn!" ~ Beatriz O.

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Regular price $750. Special savings: You pay only $549.


New Ideas Generation (2 hour session)

Are you feeling stuck?

Do you wish you had access to someone who could look at your situation with a new perspective and guide you to the discovery of creative, fun, and life-changing new ideas?

Do you know deep down that you are meant for something more, yet you can't seem to make the leap on your own?

I can help you break free from what has held you back in the past, open up your creativity, and reconnect you with your intuition.

In this brand-new offering, we will begin with a courageous conversation about where you are now and where you wish to go. Then we'll have a dynamic brainstorming session -- Exploring ideas both sensible and fantastical! -- And help you decide which to move forward with. Finally, we'll create a plan of real action steps to guide you through the process of carrying out these ideas in concrete ways.

You'll come away feeling empowered, creative, and flowing; with a step-by-step plan to implement true change in your life.

This fun & rejuvenating session will open you up to receiving abundance and new opportunities into your life, in unexpected & delightful ways.


"Jocelyn has a unique gift to hone in on the emerging common dream and help others tap into it to see their place in its creation and express it. Excellent. Spot on. Everything she shares in the course resonates with my experience and knowledge, and I have been at this for over three decades. Jocelyn's course reminds and inspires us to expect miracles. She has done her homework and is generous with her gifts. She poised to generate prolific impact and support others to do the same." ~ Catherine B., Hawaii
"It was great to take the opportunity to stop, and connect with what is it that I really want/need to do, what is my calling, and to identify my deepest fears around fulfilling my purpose. I feel inspired now to move forward in my projects, and feel like the energy is freer and flowing now. Something deep has shifted. Thank you for sharing your insights and holding this special space." ~  Anna P., New Zealand

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Regular price $325. Special savings: You pay only $249.


Visioning & Strategy (2 hour session)

Are you seeking to start or uplevel your business but feel overwhelmed or confused by all of the options available?

Do you have multiple talents, lines of experience & expertise, or so many ideas that you are having trouble getting clarity & focus on how to move forward?

Do you feel a deep need to work with someone who can guide you in powerfully cutting through the clutter and help you to develop a strategy that will bring you multiple income streams while doing what you love every day?

Do you wish you knew more about the different technology options so you could create or uplevel your website, reach more of your ideal clients, and focus on the work that you truly love rather than settling for what you think the market can support?

Then you've come to the right place!

In your 2-Hour Visioning & Strategy Session, we will:

  • Spend time visioning & brainstorming about where your passion is focused and how you can build your business centered around your personal mission;
  • LET GO of the idea that you have to settle for what you think people want you to offer;
  • Get crystal clear on who your ideal client is -- This is absolutely key to reaching the people who will LOVE what you offer & will enable you to build a financially successful & long-term sustainable business;
  • Create an organizational structure so that incoming potential clients will immediately identify with your offerings and understand how to take action; and
  • Create a strategy that will be effective in bringing you multiple income streams, based on your expertise & what you are most passionate about.
  • We can also talk about marketing, growing your email subscriber list, how to optimally use technology to expand your business, and any other specific concerns that you would like to address in regards to your business growth & financial success.

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Regular price $325. Special savings: You pay only $249.


Clearing Limiting Beliefs (2 hour session)

We all possess certain limiting beliefs, to one degree or another, and our ability to succeed is heavily dependent on our ability to rise above them and replace them with empowering truths, which over time will clear out the lies and support our highest potential. 

Do any of the following beliefs, which downplay your own self-worth and ability to manifest your goals, sound familiar ... ?

Self-worth: "Who am I to create a movement?" "I'd be crazy to think I could leave my 9 to 5 job and still support my family." "I don't have the personality / energy / wisdom / courage to do what my heart is telling me to do."

Money: "I’m not good with money." "I've lost my manifesting ability." "There’s never enough money to go around." "Other people have all the money." "I was raised in a family where we never had a lot of money, so I know I’m not the type of person who is going to make it big."

Knowledge / Self-Perception: "I need to learn more / study more." "I’m too young / too old / not charismatic enough / not smart enough / too shy, so who will want to pay attention to me?"

These statements are absolutely not real or true.

They are only illusions, yet they are rooted deep in our minds (often going back to childhood experiences) and reinforced by the "rules" of modern society. 

So how can you overcome your limiting beliefs, not only at a conscious, rational, factual level; but also at a cellular, subconscious level?

When we work together in the 2-hour session, we will go deep to identify your limiting beliefs and mindset blocks. Some of them may be beliefs you didn't even realize you had. Then we will replace them with positive & empowering truths, carefully crafted to take on a life of their own to powerfully overcome & clear the limiting beliefs from your life.

You will receive exercises that you can continue to do after our session, to cement your progress and ensure you'll leap forward in ways you had not previously imagined or believed possible. Clearing limiting beliefs is the critically important groundwork that must be done before you can successfully manifest your dreams. Without doing this step first, you will become stalled at some point in the future without knowing why -- It will be your limiting beliefs surfacing again. Clear them now, and expect big shifts, new opportunities, and unexpected synchronicities in the weeks & months to come.


"Jocelyn, the work that I am doing with you is revising and reshaping some stuck patterns that I didn't even know were there. It seems that every day I am feeling subtle, and not-so-subtle, shifts that are freeing me to think more creatively and optimistically. My life and work are in transition just now, so the work with you has come at the best possible moment to help me find vision and clarity during change. You are a genius with a huge heart. I sense helping spirits working with and through you, and feel privileged to be part of your community." ~ T. Ward
"It was wonderful getting a chance to spend this time with you! I work with a population that is always in crisis.  One of the skills I try to teach my students is to shift their thinking from victim/crisis/poverty thinking to problem solving/path finding/abundance thinking.  Until I spoke with you, I never realized that my own mindset was a poverty mindset.  I had no idea I was harboring such destructive thoughts for myself while trying to get others to rearrange their thinking.  Thank you so much for helping me open pathways and doors to abundance thinking!" ~ Kathy A.

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Regular price $325. Special savings: You pay only $249.


The Space Between Dreaming & Awake: How to Access Universal Guidance & Consciously Redesign Your Life in 2017

5-Week Online Course

Dare to take an unforgettable deep dive into the imaginal realm: The space between dreaming and awake. This is where mysteries and synchronicities abound, where spiritual growth & manifestation originate. Learn an abundance of powerful practices to consciously live your life in continual connection with the Anima Mundi, the collective world consciousness. You will deepen your spiritual abilities, feel your connection with the cosmos, and access your own brilliance and intuition like never before. 

This rich, experiential, and magical course is delivered via 5 video Module sessions. You can complete the course at your own pace. During the course, you will have the opportunity to dive deeply into the nature of reality, as we examine the lines of contrast between that which is "normal" to mainstream society versus that which is "normal" to shamans, Buddhists, and others who are experts in the imaginal & spirit realms.

We will explore the fullness of what is truly available to YOU as a brilliant spiritual and physical being who was born of this blue-green Earth and this mysterious Cosmos. And we will use this information to re-examine and re-design your plans for the future in order to embrace astounding new possibilities for YOU to live your fullest and most joyful life.

The course materials include:

Module 1: Attune to the Cosmos

  • How to break free from the "expectations" of mainstream society
  • The Mystery as humankind's birthright; how other cultures & ancient cultures have tapped into the Mysteries of the Earth & Cosmos for thousands of years
  • Where did we really come from? and What are we supposed to be doing in this life? (An exploration of theories & possibilities)
  • How YOU can access the deeper & very real possibilities that are waiting to be discovered (A scientific approach)
  • Exercises to try in your daily life to more widely open up the doorways to a new perceptual reality (An experiential & experimental approach)
  • In this module we will examine the research & writings of David Abrams, S. H. Buhner, and Arkan Lushwala, among others

Module 2: Synchronize Your Energetic Frequency with the Earth's Heartbeat

  • Cultivating a sacred connection with Mother Earth
  • Attuning to the cycles of the Moon; to the Solstices & Equinoxes; to the continual return of the stars and planets
  • Experiential deep dive into ancient & shamanic practices
  • Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine principles
  • Immersion in gratitude, magic, and mystery in your daily life
  • Practices to honor your body, the physical temple of your soul
  • Healing foods to support your fullest LIFE and to help you vibrate at a higher energetic frequency every day

Module 3: Open Up Your Ancient Knowing & Intuition

  • How to move out of survival mode, and into continually receiving the deepest insights & inspiration every day
  • How to release past pain and feel your true & innate brilliance
  • Connecting with your ancestors to release their pain & suffering, for the highest good of all
  • Connecting to your Highest Self and accessing your life purpose
  • Deepening your spiritual ability to connect with the Divine
  • Road Opening Techniques: Clearing the pathways to new opportunity in your life
  • How to hear that still, small voice of your Intuition with clarity - AND how to take action on the guidance you receive (not always easy, but ALWAYS worth it!)
  • Spending more time in the Dreamtime, the Imaginal Realms, and how to balance this with every day responsibilities

Module 4: Expand into Your Highest Self & Divine Purpose

  • How to travel to the Imaginal Realms to ask important questions - and how to hear & interpret the answers
  • Explore how we are all vitally involved in dreaming a new world into being
  • Understanding what the world needs now
  • Gain inspiration & insights into how YOU are meant to play a key part in creating the brighter future that we know is possible
  • Using your newly learned abilities to change the lives of others
  • What you perceive is what you experience: How to utilize this universal truth for POSITIVE CHANGE

Module 5: Create Your 1-Year Action Plan for Your New & Redesigned Life

  • How to take your insights gained from this course and use them to set goals & create a structure for your new life
  • How to keep your momentum & motivation SPARKLING even after this course has ended!
  • Integration: Shifting between the worlds to maximize your understanding, insights, & brilliance
  • Thinking big: How to gain deeper focus & clarity on the ways that YOU are meant to change the world
  • Starting your own community
  • Starting your own revolution or movement

Testimonials for The Space Between Dreaming & Awake Online Course:

"I have discovered in Jocelyn a true spiritual guide for the modern world, or more... for the world we want to create for the generations to come. Her teachings, coaching, summit have been a fantastic inspiration boost for my own personal and business development. For me she represents the sacred marriage between the yin and the yang, by being both structured and mastering the technologies, while showing more feminine aspects such as being supportive, kind, inspiring, a perfect listener, creating beauty in her work. A foot in both worlds, which is what I believe is required from us today. I can only recommend Jocelyn to anyone who is on their path of wanting to discover their true nature and how to make a living out of it." ~ Baccarha B., Switzerland

"Week after week, thanks to Jocelyn's clear and well documented teachings, my life started shifting... And at the end of the course, I am at point where I can connect with Mother Earth more intimately than I had ever imagined. But I have been gifted with so much more! My heart has opened to an extent that I did not think possible. The way I see and understand Life has totally changed. Thanks to this course I have found answers to my most existential question : why am I here? I found my biggest dream and could recognize it as such and confidently make the first steps towards its realization. Jocelyn has offered us a remarkable amount of scientifically proven facts and simple but powerful tools to continue our exploration and our path towards our biggest dream. She showed me in many ways that Life asks us to stop playing small and how to contribute to a better world." ~ Vanessa F., France

The price for The Space Between Dreaming & Awake is $129.

Welcome mystery & magic into your own life! Register today by clicking on the button below.


I look forward to meeting you!

Love and light,

Jocelyn Mercado