When we heal Earth, our mother ... We heal ourselves too

Can you hear the call of the Great Mother?

She is speaking through our hearts at this time.

Listen to Her. Do not turn away. Instead, turn toward Her.

Feel Her pain. Feel Her rising fever, and know that you are a part of Her at a very cellular & energetic level.

For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings have honored the forces of Nature, the winds, the storms, and Mother Earth from whom all life is generated.

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Ancient humans beings, capable of advanced geometry and architecture, created temples and sacred sites honoring the Solstices and Equinoxes; the unique way in which our Father the Sun shines down upon Mother Earth at certain critical times of the year; the pattern of the Moon's phases, as well as longer cycles of the Moon's movement through the heavens during the dreamtime of night.

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We created ceremonies and rituals designed to honor Earth and Sun and Moon and Stars. We knew that our purpose in living was to raise our vibration in prayer and ceremony, to collect energies through the sacred temples, and to give these life-sustaining energies back to Mother Earth.

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Women during their moontimes gave their blood, that powerful substance from which new life could be created, back to Earth. At the first bursts of spring, sheep's and goat's milk would be poured out upon Earth in thanks for the warming days. Ancient cultures set aside certain days and times in the year to dedicate all of their energy and time toward thanking and honoring Creation for the gifts that human beings received, the gifts of life and food and warmth and rains and wind.

Mother Earth gifts us every aspect of our physical bodies; and in turn humans have always known that in the circular and cyclical turning of life, we too must reciprocate by gifting her the special energies we are capable of raising through our ceremonies and dances and drumming, through our fires and sacred offerings.

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But somehow, today humans have all but forgotten about our intimate & Reciprocal connection with Earth.

We are raping her. We are stripping metals and ores and oils from her precious body. In exchange for our vital life force, we no longer gift her our lifeblood, foods, rituals & ceremonies, or powerful heightened energies of love and respect and honor. Instead, we spray and inject her with toxic fumes and chemicals and poisons in terrifying and unimaginable quantities.


It it unthinkable.

It is a crime against life.

It is true insanity, what we are doing here on this gorgeous life-giving planet.

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And Yet ... we were not sent here to wallow in despair.

We were sent here to assess the damages, and then take action according to the truths and ancestral wisdom that we hold within our hearts and our ancient souls.

I hear Mother Earth. She cries out to me in my dreams. She speaks to me from the point of view of a Mother who deeply desires to help her children return to what is true and good and healthy.

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And having received these messages from Mother Earth and from the Sun, Moon, and Stars, I make you a sincere promise.

In 2018 and going forward, I will no longer be speaking gently of the ways in which we have gone off track.

In 2018 and going forward, I am going to be calling upon everyone who will listen, to stand up and take responsibility for what is happening on our planet.

We are not helpless or powerless.

Women's March On Washington Sets US Protest Record As Estimated 3.6-4.5 Million Marched

Women's March On Washington Sets US Protest Record As Estimated 3.6-4.5 Million Marched

We human beings, in collaboration with Mother Earth, have the potential to turn ALL of this around, and to place life back at the center. 

It will not be easy. But it is the most sane and healthy thing that we could possibly do with our lives from here on out.

I encourage you to look beyond the limitations placed upon you by mainstream society, to follow your own heart, and take action in ways that you know will honor your soul's mission in this lifetime.

Know that you are not alone. Know that there are hundreds of thousands of others all around the world, feeling the same as you do, and each standing up in their own unique way for healing and renewal of our beautiful planet.  

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When we take a stand for Earth, we are taking a stand for:

Our own health & vital life force

The health & wellbeing of our children and grandchildren

The continuation of millions of precious species of animals

The intelligence and partnership of the plants

Our right to exist and to embrace a life of passion, joy, and fullness

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I am here to support you in whatever you choose to do that is aligned with honoring Mother Earth.

I am making the commitment right now, to provide as much information to you as I possibly can on ways that you can step outside of your comfort zone, break free from everything that keeps you stuck and frozen, and become a rebel and a revolutionary on behalf of Mother Earth.

I am making the commitment right now, to help you embrace & promote a true Life Economy, in which our success is measured not by power or money or endless growth; but instead it is measured by generosity and compassion and by how many people / animals / plants are helped & healed by the activities performed in that economy.

I am making a commitment to help you step outside of the limitations of time & space to access a higher knowledge, a wisdom that is already a part of us, that will be uncovered more & more during the Great Remembering.

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Do you find these times intense? This is no mistake. Everything is shifting very quickly now. We are being powerfully called to change our ways. The unstable weather patterns, the heart palpitations, the dis-ease, the fears & anxiety, the hunger, the floods and fires and droughts, are all being sent to us to wake us up.

We are being asked to evolve more quickly than human beings ever have before in the history of time as we know it.

So what can we do?

The actions you can take are not limited to environmental or political protests or uprisings.

In fact, the very most important actions you can take are where you are exercising YOUR very own power to make change -- not trying to convince higher-ups to change national or global policy.

Every single one of us as individuals has far greater power, and courage, than we realize.


When we do the deep inner work to find our true mission & purpose, and then devote the rest of our lives to that mission, we are going to change the world.

When we acknowledge our own healing powers, and use them to heal ourselves & others, we are going to change the world.

When we re-enliven the old rituals & ceremonies, or create new rituals & ceremonies that truly honor the sacredness of Life and Light and Earth and Sun, we are going to change the world.

When we empower our children & grandchildren, the world's future leaders, to value & strengthen their innate interconnection with Nature and all of Life, we are going to change the world.

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When we gather the courage to look our fears and shadows right in the eye and seek how to co-create with them and learn from them instead of run and hide, we are going to change the world.

It's already happening. Everything is already changing. Can you feel it?

When YOU cannot sit still quietly any longer, and you raise your own unique voice to share your talents & perspective with the world in the way that no one else can do, YOU are going to change the world.

When YOU empower yourself and use that inspiration to empower others to follow their truth, then YOU are going to change the world.

You can be young or old, large or small, rich or poor, successful or unknown, it does not matter.

Each and every one of us was sent here with a specific purpose, sent here to be alive during these catalyzing times, sent here to do SOMETHING IMPORTANT to create a brighter future.

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Do not doubt your importance in the universal plan that is unfolding before our eyes.

This message is for YOU. You are a sacred & precious being, unlike any other in the world, and you hold the key to something that the world deeply needs at this time. Have courage. Share your gifts without fear or hesitation.

We need your light to shine brightly.

Stand tall, allow your courage to rise up within, and make this commitment along with me.

I promise I will give everything I can to empower & inspire you to be your very best. The world is depending on you, on me, on us. We matter. We CAN and we WILL change the world, together.

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If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, fearful, or timid ... Know that you are so much stronger than you could possibly know at this moment.

When we can't feel our own power, it's because we have become cut off from the parts of the world that are meant to fill us up, bring us peace, and rejuvenate us.

There is a way to heal.

I am here to be your guide. To help you open up your intuition, reconnect with your purpose & mission, experience magic and synchronicity in your life, strengthen & heal your physical body, and receive guidance from the divine.

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I am so excited about 2018.

I think we're all feeling a bit traumatized by 2016 and 2017, which were years of shocking changes. In 2016 and 2017, the shadow in our world was harshly unearthed, to show us what we needed to release, and also to speed up our personal & collective evolution. We have done some intense healing & letting go over the past two years, and now we are ready for the next steps.

This is not to say that 2018 will be easy, but ever since the December Solstice, I have been feeling a more gentle, calm, and serene energy. We are being guided from above. More & more human beings are answering the call to live our truest life, to quit old jobs, to end old relationships, and to consider ourselves worthy of joy, dancing, creativity, and genuine self-expression.

For those who are willing to view challenges as opportunities, let go of what no longer serves, and step forward in favor of life, 2018 will flow, bringing magic & fulfillment. With Saturn in Capricorn, we will be laying down the structural foundations for the new world our hearts have been longing for. With Jupiter in Scorpio, we will have the ability to manifest magic and to transmute darkness into light as part of a grand rebirthing process.



With all of this in mind, here's what you can expect from me and Sacred Planet in 2018:

The highest quality content, connections, and community gatherings, designed to help you break free from all limitations and live the life of your dreams

New coaching programs with a focus on engaging the shadow & embracing fears, in order to strengthen the light

Programs to guide you in diving deep into the imaginal realms to receive visions and insights so you can change the world

Programs for families to empower your children and youths to foster & expand their innate and profound connection with nature, so that when they become our leaders someday, they will be able to make decisions from a place of understanding and compassion for life

New expanded offerings to guide you in a process of reconnecting with the ancient practices that place life at the center & restoring the ancient reciprocity between Earth and humans

Honoring the sacredness of every single person in the Sacred Planet community, highlighting your strengths, and empowering you to be your very best

Sacred Planet will donate 10% of its profits each month to TreeSisters and the Pachamama Alliance, to support their critical work in reforesting the planet & changing the dream of the modern world.

Stay tuned for exciting news, opportunities, & surprises, coming soon!

The Pleiades, a distant star cluster that many ancient & indigenous wisdom traditions recognize in their creation stories as the origin of human beings

The Pleiades, a distant star cluster that many ancient & indigenous wisdom traditions recognize in their creation stories as the origin of human beings


So, are you in?

2018 is a year to be bold and fearless. It is a time for us to rise up as rebels & revolutionaries.

We are being called, like never before, to have great courage, to evolve & expand, to seek out & honor the sacred, to stare up at the stars in wonder, and to welcome in the visions & dreams that want to come through to guide us.

It is time to remember who we really are.


I honor you as a powerful being of light, and a child of the earth & cosmos.

Love and magic,

Jocelyn Mercado

Founder of Sacred Planet

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